Wellness Wednesday – A Baby Boomer’s Guide to a Five Star Retirement

Baby Boomers in Exercise Class

Bluebird Care, an Irish home care company, has published an infographic called A Baby Boomer’s Guide to a Five Star Retirement that offers tips on health and wellness, financial readiness, travel and culture, community service and personal development.

Here are five wellness tips:

1. Stay fit. Building as little as 30 minutes of moderately intense exercise is heart healthy and adds stamina and vigor.

2. Fitness activities that are aerobic and can be done with low impact on body joints are best. Consider swimming, cycling and yoga to keep in shape.

3. Don’t neglect exercises for the brain. Studies have shown that activities like crossword puzzles, sudoku and even reading the newspaper daily help keep the mind sharp and agile.

4. For some people, body parts do wear out. If this is the case, discuss alternatives with a GP. Knee and hip replacements are on the rise and helping older persons maintain an active lifestyle.

5. Eat wisely, but eat well. Focus on nutrient rich foods instead of supplemental vitamins. Be mindful of portion sizes and exercise moderation in alcohol consumption.”

Discover more tips by viewing A Baby Boomer’s Guide to a Five Star Retirement Infographic.

NOTE: If the infographic looks too small in your browser window, click on the graphic so it shows at 100%.


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