Transition Thursday: How to Evaluate Emergency Preparedness in Assisted Living

Elserly Man in Wheelchair Sitting Next to Caregiver

Will you, or someone you love, be safe in an emergency?

As explained in the Daily Caring article How to Evaluate Emergency Preparedness in Assisted Living: Questions to Ask, “emergency preparedness is essential for seniors, especially those who are very ill, have limited mobility, or have a cognitive impairment like Alzheimer’s or dementia.”

There are key questions to ask that can help you evaluate if the care community has detailed emergency plans, is ready for power outages, knows what to do during a fire or flood, and protects residents from theft or intruders.

4 Areas to Evaluate for Emergency Preparedness

1. Emergency plans

  • What are the detailed emergency plans?
  • How is the staff trained and kept up-to-date on those plans?
  • How will they provide the necessary food, water, medication, and shelter for the residents (including food and beverages for special health needs)?
  • Is there always someone available to be in charge of emergency situations? Is there always a backup person available?
  • What’s the plan if none of the leaders are available to take charge?

 2. Power outages

  • Are generators available to restore power? Is there a backup in case one generator fails?
  • Are the generators located in a safe, well-ventilated area away from the residents?
  • How much extra food is kept on hand? Federal emergency recommendations call for a minimum of 3 days worth.
  • How much drinking water is kept on hand? Federal guidelines recommend at least 1 week’s worth per person.
  • If food or water runs out, what’s the plan to get more?
  • If a high-risk storm or natural disaster is approaching, would food and water reserves be increased?
  • Does the community set aside freezers containing frozen bags of water? Federal guidelines say they can be used to keep food and medications cold, cool overheated residents, and be used as drinking water once melted.

Read more at How to Evaluate Emergency Preparedness in Assisted Living: Questions to Ask.


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