Transition Thursday: Baby Boomers are Rewriting Retirement History

Baby Boomer Couple Talking with Financial Advisor

In the Kiplinger article Baby Boomers are Rewriting Retirement History, author Scott Hanson, CFP writes:

“If I say the word ‘retirement,’ what comes to mind? Sunsets? Golfing? Cruises? Most of the people I work with don’t want anything to do with a retirement that has them sailing toward a sunset of irrelevance. The people I speak with want a retirement packed with meaning, new careers and new experiences.”

Hanson writes about the medical advance that changed everything:

“It was the discovery of penicillin in 1928, and markedly increased lifespans, which led to the concept of the modern retirement that we’re familiar with today. People began living longer and naturally working longer — resulting in a glut of workers that eventually led to unemployment and stagnation, a big problem for the first time.

At the height of the Great Depression, it became apparent that the way to increase efficiency and lower unemployment was to encourage older workers to retire. However, many older workers were not willing (or in many cases, able) to quit. It just wasn’t in their DNA. Life had always been about work, and now they were being asked to stop. In response, President Franklin D. Roosevelt proposed the Social Security Act of 1935.

Suddenly, you could retire and still have income.

But this gave rise to a new problem: Americans had ‘nothing’ to do. What were retirees to do with all that extra time? It’s no wonder the Baby Boomer generation is rewriting the definition of retirement by continuing to work.”

Read more at Baby Boomers are Rewriting Retirement History.


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