Transition Thursday: 4 Expert Tips for Seniors Moving to Assisted Living

Elderly Man with Nurse in Assisted Living Setting

Moving to assisted living can be an overwhelming experience for both you and your older adult. In the article “4 Expert Tips for Seniors Moving to Assisted Living,” Arthur Bretschneider, founder and CEO of Seniorly, a company that makes it easier for families to find local senior housing options, provides advice on four common issues related to moving into and living in assisted living:

Question 1: Seniors who refuse to move
What should families do if their older adult needs to move to assisted living for their own health and safety, but they refuse to go?

This is a very difficult situation. The first thing to do is get their primary care physician involved. Sometimes it’s also good to get a Geriatric Care Manager or some other care advocate to help you in this situation. They’re professionals who understand how to get control of the crisis.

Many times, getting a third party involved is not an option. In this case, families need to present this as an option that their senior is going to rather than from. Meaning, frame the move in a way that it’s better than where the individual is now.

They aren’t moving away from their home, they are moving to a community that will give them more control of their days and remove the need to worry about other things.

Question 2: Ease the transition to assisted living
Moving to assisted living is a big change for most older adults. What can families do to make the transition easier?

Every family is unique and there is no straight answer to this question. In fact, some transitions are not difficult at all.

For the ones that do have difficulty transitioning, things that could help include:

  • Making their new room or apartment feel as homelike as possible
  • Being around to assist in the transition (or sometimes the opposite depending on the individual)
  • Keeping the individual connected with a phone, tablet, or computer
  • Visiting during meals or activities to help make connections

Or it could be as simple as making sure you find a community that allows them to keep their pet.

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