Toss It Tuesday – More Tips on How to Declutter Your Home…from AARP

Cluttered RoomIn the AARP article 20 Tips to Declutter Your Home, author Marni Jameson suggests you start with your attic.

“When you’re up against your memories, remember: You’re simplifying your life, not erasing your past:

Your kids’ stuff. It’s not your job to save everything from your children’s lives. Box up what belongs to the kids, and send it to them. Or tell them to claim it now — with the date you plan to have the house cleared out — or never.

Books. If you’re going to read it, or it just feels too much like family (The Cat in the Hat), put it on your bookshelf. If not, give it away. You can drop books off at a library or donation center. Or call around for a charity that will pick up.

Luggage. That graduation gift from your grandparents? If it’s in decent shape, sell it at your own or a neighborhood garage sale, and tell stories of where you’ve been. If not, donate it to a charity such as a women’s homeless shelter.

Hand-me-down furniture. Consignment stores can be a godsend for a chair or sofa in good condition that worked for someone else — but not for you. They sell it and usually split it 30/70 (30 percent to you), but sometimes 40/60.

Clothes. Can you answer yes to “Do I love it?” “Do I need it?” or “Will I use it?” If not, then out it goes. It doesn’t matter whether “I only wore it once,” “It’s in good condition” or “It was expensive.” Then make three piles: toss, donate, sell.

Read more at: 20 Tips to Declutter Your Home.


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