7 Real Estate Market Trends in 2017

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#1 Home Values will increase.

For a time, as the market has been recovering, we were seeing very high home-value appreciation rates.  Expect more historically normal appreciation rates. As the market continues its recovery, appreciation will slow down which is a leading indicator of a normalizing, or balanced housing market. Home values will increase in moderation, vs. the past two years.

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#2 N. California will lead the price increases.

Northern California has experienced the most significant job growth since the end of the recession, followed by Portland, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix and Tucson. We will see increasing demand for homes as population growth follows job growth beyond the market’s ability to build inventory. This should continue to push prices higher still.

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#3: Cities face an affordability problem.

A lot are addressing this by building smaller homes — which take up less space and by developing additional public transit to the developments. But, what if a backyard, more space and room to breathe is what you crave?

A house in the suburbs

#4 Buyers are flocking to the “burbs.”

People would still like to live close to the city where they work and they’re close to amenities and in walkable neighborhoods, but currently many folks in S.F. are not able to find enough inventory. And, many of the properties that fit their ‘wish-lists’ are not affordable for them to buy.

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#5 Millennials are on the move.

More jobs are being created for the 30-somethings, with rising wages. This demographic group also has marriage and children on their minds and this is driving them to buy a home with room to grow.

baby boomer couple

#6 Baby Boomers are downsizing…or are they?

Many boomers are looking to move when they reach retirement. Some wish to downsize to simplify life due to financial or physical needs. However, many are also buying-up to accommodate kids and grandchildren when they come to visit. And, the boomers are no longer flocking to AZ and FL like they used to; family is what they want to be closer to.

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#7 Rates are increasing.

After the housing market crash, interest rates have remained historically low for years. This is now changing, with the Feds planning on three more rate hikes in 2017. If you are a buyer or a seller, the time to act is NOW. Rates will go higher and inventory is not expected to improve. So, Winter/Early Spring is the time to get moving!


Recent Review

“I chose Dayna to help sell my mom’s home because of her outstanding reputation. Dayna was the perfect agent and went above and beyond through the whole process. Her advice was spot on and added to the sale amount. I highly recommend Dayna!”

Walnut Creek Home Seller – Mona W.


Need to find a real estate agent near Walnut Creek CA? Dayna Wilson serves the East Bay communities of Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Clayton and Martinez. A certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist ®, Dayna helps boomers and seniors with the financial and emotional challenges encountered when selling a long-held family home.

Senior Segment is Reshaping Real Estate Dynamics in Walnut Creek, Ca. and Beyond

Baby Boomer CoupleImagine the different kinds of expertise involved in helping a first-time buyer purchase a home, versus helping a last-time seller to downsize. First-time buyers and 65+ sellers face a vastly different set of options, expectations, concerns and challenges, but too often, the real estate industry has taken a one-size-fits-all, cookie-cutter approach to serving clients.

Demographic trends are pointing to seismic shifts ahead for housing in this country. Aging seniors are projected to move out of an estimated 11.3 million homes between 2010 and 2020, and in the next decade, that figure is expected to reach 15 million. Every single one of those millions represents a unique individual who deserves to have his or her move handled with the utmost compassion, integrity, attention to detail and connectedness to the full spectrum of professionals who are often involved in ensuring a seamless transition for seniors and their families.

Dayna Wilson’s Savvy Seniors Division is committed to a proactive approach to understanding the big-picture trends that have an impact on our community and our clients. We also understand that distinct expertise is needed to meet the needs of various segments of our community.

cshp_logo2e35c3This is why I’m thrilled to have completed the rigorous requirements to achieve the Certified Senior Housing Specialist (CSHP) designation. This prestigious designation awarded only to a select number of elite real estate professionals in any market by the Seniors Real Estate Institute® represents completion of a competency-based curriculum as well as ongoing education and training. CSHPs are held to the highest standards of professionalism and most importantly, they are passionate about serving senior clients with dignity and compassion.

Demographic shifts and improvements in life expectancy have given rise to senior housing options that far exceed those of previous decades. CSHPs are not only in touch with the full range of options within their communities, they have the specific skills needed to help seniors to get where they want to go – unraveling the complexities involved in downsizing and selling a family home.

“Despite the fact that seniors are the fastest growing segment of the population, this segment of the market remains largely under served. 10,000 Baby Boomers will turn 60 every day for the next 18 years. At the other end of the senior spectrum, the 90-plus segment of the population nearly tripled over the past three decades, and is expected to quadruple over the next 40 years.

“The expertise, combined with our passion to ensure the dignity of elderly clients, is not just a benefit to our senior clients but also their families,” Dayna emphasized. “Our goal is to be a profound asset to the entire community.”

The Diablo Downsizing Diva Does it again!

Another home got a SOLD sign placed in the yard today. 

Situation: Walnut Creek CA family finds me on internet.

Dad was facing serious health issues and mom wanted to downsize before they faced a crisis.

The ‘senior’ parents and their adult daughter met with me to discuss their situation and goals. I created a plan that would create the least amount of stress for the parents, while getting the home market ready and sold in the least amount of time & net them the most amount of $.
Result: 8 DOM. Asking price $680K/Sold price $730K. (There were a couple comps in the neighborhood in the $590Ks)

Mom and Dad have downsized to a smaller townhome and have the funds necessary for medical bills, etc.

I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist, ready to help the aging folks and their families that you know and care about. Maybe even yours?

Dayna Wilson-Keller Williams Realty East Bay  “Dayna Diablo’s Downsizing Diva”

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