Dayna Wilson Awarded as a Top Rated Real Estate Agent in Walnut Creek

I am happy to announce that I have been selected as one of the Top Rated Real Estate Agents in Walnut Creek.

According to TV Top Real Estate:

“Dayna Wilson has been selected as one of the Top Rated Real Estate Agents in Walnut Creek to be featured on TV Top Real Estate available on Xfinity On Demand. TV Top Rated Real Estate features videos of Top Rated Real Estate Agents and their homes listed for sale which will allow consumers to select the best Real Estate Agent when buying or selling their home. As a top rated agent, Dayna Wilson is one of the exclusive agents that is able to offer her clients the opportunity to sell their homes on television 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Dayna Wilson has also been honored on top real estate television shows as an award-winning Real Estate Agent.

Top rated Real Estate Agents like Dayna Wilson were hand selected and interviewed by an independent research team who determined them to be the top 5% in the region. Real Estate Agents were selected because of popular reviews by customers on review websites such as Yelp, Trulia, Zillow, Redfin, and other leading independent real estate rating companies.”

Your Contra Costa County Listing Could Be on National TV

Only a select few top real estate agents will have the ability to showcase homes for sale on TV!! And, I am one here in Contra Costa County.

Look for my commercial, beginning this month during one of the following: Million Dollar Listing, Property Brothers or House Hunters.

Savvy home sellers will want the maximum exposure for their homes! Web presence on first quarter 2017 driving traffic to will deliver approx. 100,000 impressions.

5 Ways to Stop Procrastinating

What am I waiting for? A question on a napkin with a cup of coffee.

It’s a new year! Here are 5 ways to stop procrastinating:

Do the Worst Thing First

Attack the hardest task when your energy is fresh and you give yourself the strongest chance of success.

Start Your Day Over at 2 p.m.

At 2 p.m. every day, assess how much you’ve accomplished, remind yourself of what’s critical, and alter your plan so you can tackle the most important thing.

Race the Clock

Having trouble even beginning a burdensome project? Try the old trick of setting a timer for 10 minutes. Work in a focused, perhaps even frantic manner for that short stretch, and watch what happens.

Don’t Interrupt Yourself

If you get pulled away from tasks by every ding, whistle, and ring on your digital devices, well, you’re like most of us. But keep in mind that other people aren’t interrupting you; you are interrupting yourself.

Create an Audience

It’s easy to blow things off when your commitment to yourself is the only thing at stake. But make yourself accountable to a friend and suddenly potential embarrassment becomes a powerful motivator.



Need to find a real estate agent near Walnut Creek CA? Dayna Wilson serves the East Bay communities of Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Clayton and Martinez. A certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist ®, Dayna helps boomers and seniors with the financial and emotional challenges encountered when selling a long-held family home.


7 Real Estate Market Trends in 2017

A diagram of the factors that can affect real estate property values in vector format.

#1 Home Values will increase.

For a time, as the market has been recovering, we were seeing very high home-value appreciation rates.  Expect more historically normal appreciation rates. As the market continues its recovery, appreciation will slow down which is a leading indicator of a normalizing, or balanced housing market. Home values will increase in moderation, vs. the past two years.

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco CA

#2 N. California will lead the price increases.

Northern California has experienced the most significant job growth since the end of the recession, followed by Portland, Seattle, Denver, Phoenix and Tucson. We will see increasing demand for homes as population growth follows job growth beyond the market’s ability to build inventory. This should continue to push prices higher still.

Savings, increasing columns of gold coins, red purse and green plant isolated on white background

#3: Cities face an affordability problem.

A lot are addressing this by building smaller homes — which take up less space and by developing additional public transit to the developments. But, what if a backyard, more space and room to breathe is what you crave?

A house in the suburbs

#4 Buyers are flocking to the “burbs.”

People would still like to live close to the city where they work and they’re close to amenities and in walkable neighborhoods, but currently many folks in S.F. are not able to find enough inventory. And, many of the properties that fit their ‘wish-lists’ are not affordable for them to buy.

friendship, leisure, summer and people concept - close up of Millennials

#5 Millennials are on the move.

More jobs are being created for the 30-somethings, with rising wages. This demographic group also has marriage and children on their minds and this is driving them to buy a home with room to grow.

baby boomer couple

#6 Baby Boomers are downsizing…or are they?

Many boomers are looking to move when they reach retirement. Some wish to downsize to simplify life due to financial or physical needs. However, many are also buying-up to accommodate kids and grandchildren when they come to visit. And, the boomers are no longer flocking to AZ and FL like they used to; family is what they want to be closer to.

Growth of real estate market hand drawn in chalk on a blackboard vector white icon isolated on a green background.

#7 Rates are increasing.

After the housing market crash, interest rates have remained historically low for years. This is now changing, with the Feds planning on three more rate hikes in 2017. If you are a buyer or a seller, the time to act is NOW. Rates will go higher and inventory is not expected to improve. So, Winter/Early Spring is the time to get moving!


Recent Review

“I chose Dayna to help sell my mom’s home because of her outstanding reputation. Dayna was the perfect agent and went above and beyond through the whole process. Her advice was spot on and added to the sale amount. I highly recommend Dayna!”

Walnut Creek Home Seller – Mona W.


Need to find a real estate agent near Walnut Creek CA? Dayna Wilson serves the East Bay communities of Orinda, Lafayette, Moraga, Walnut Creek, Alamo, Danville, Pleasant Hill, Concord, Clayton and Martinez. A certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist ®, Dayna helps boomers and seniors with the financial and emotional challenges encountered when selling a long-held family home.

Buyers’ Corner: 3 Well-Meaning Pieces of Advice You May Even Believe!

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.Once your friends and family know you are looking for home to buy you may hear,” let me give you some advice.” They’ve been there, done that and watch copious amounts of House Hunters on HGTV. However, their well-meaning opinions and words of ‘wisdom’ may lead you down the wrong paths.

“You should remove contingencies to make your offer stronger.”

In a competitive market it’s tempting to write an offer with no contingencies. I beg you to reconsider. These safeguards are part of the contract for a reason. There is an inspection contingency: to save you from buying a mold-ridden, termite infested property. Appraisal contingency? Understand that if the lender’s appraisal comes back less than your offer price, you are obligated to buy the home and come up with the difference by closing. How much do you like to gamble? Lastly, the loan contingency protects you in case the lender cannot approve your loan. Remember, contingencies are designed to protect you from utter catastrophe.

“Make a low-ball offer and negotiate up from there.”

Again, it’s still a sellers’ market, and often they receive more than one contract to consider. This can start the negotiations off on the wrong foot, offending the seller, or worse, driving them to reject your offer outright. Not all seller’s counter the offers they receive, often taking the highest and the best one. Serious buyers and sellers know what a home is worth.

“Don’t bother with a home inspections.”

Sure, you can save a few bucks by not doing your due diligence, after all the house looks really clean and well cared for. Saving a few bucks upfront could cost you thousands down the road. Some folks only get a termite company to do a pest inspection. All they are looking for is termite and dry-rot. Consider getting a home, chimney, sewer lateral and possibly pool inspection. You will uncover issues and know if/how you wish to move forward.

“Just use the listing agent to represent you.”

Called dual-agency, it’s ethical, legal and often done. You think it will give you an edge and cuts down the number of cooks in the kitchen. You think your offer will rise to the top of the pile. Why? The listing agent represents the seller. They have a fiduciary duty to keep the sellers’ best interests at heart. It’s the seller who chooses which offer they want to accept, not the agent. Using the listing agent to write your offer and represent you is like having the same attorney representing both sides of the case.


Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News

Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News!

 Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News

Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News

3057 Kittery Avenue, San Ramon – SOLD! Received 14 offers, Sale $/Original $ 102%.

3383 Moraga Blvd., Lafayette – SOLD! 9 Offers. Closed at 114%% of asking $.

502 Daisy Place, Pleasant Hill – SOLD! Buyers purchased at list $

424 Peppertree Road, Walnut Creek – Pending. Multiple Offers. Will close well over asking.

With all the many offers we have received on our most recent listings, we have many buyers ready, able and willing to buy in the Contra Costa County area. Even thought homes are selling on average at 104% of list in Lafayette, 103% in Walnut Creek, teh story is almost the same in most neighborhoods. Please contact us should you learn of a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member needing to sell their home in the shortest amount of time, for the most amount of money with the least stress. We will make it easy and maybe even fun.

Rock Oak Road, Walnut Creek 4/5 bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom 2 level. Coming Soon this summer!

Tice Creek Drive, Walnut Creek 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom Golden Gate Model in Rossmoor 55+ community. Coming this fall after extensive remodel!

photo source: View Original Image

Home Inspections: Tips to a Successful Close

When working with sellers, I always recommend they consider doing pre-sale inspections.

Why, they ask, when the buyers will typically order their own set of inspections during the contingency period.

Inspections are a risk-management tool, allowing the homeowner to discover unknown issues that might have an impact on the price down the road. Typically, I see sellers able to rectify problems using their own contractor at a lower cost than waiting for the buyer to make the initial discovery and then attempting to renegotiate their offer price.

The general home inspection should include an assessment of all the systems including the foundation, plumbing, HVAC, electrical, crawlspace, interiors, exterior siding, doors, windows, appliances and framing. In some circumstances, the home inspector might recommend getting a specialist to further evaluate an issue outside his or her area of expertise.

A pest inspection is another that I always recommend. These inspectors look for subterranean and wood-destroying termites, beetles and other insects, plus mold infestations, water damage and dry rot.

When working with buyers, I strongly recommend they order any and all inspections and reports that will give them the information they need to feel comfortable when moving forward with the purchase. In addition to home and pest inspections, I also suggest they consider inspections of the chimney, roof, sewer lateral and a pool/spa if there is one on the property. The inspectors I work with spend hours at the property, factually reporting their findings and offering recommendation on repairs, replacements, or other specialists for further investigations. Once we know about issues needing repair or replacement, I arrange to get a couple of contractors to bid on the work in order to justify any price adjustments.

An agent has a duty to complete a visual inspection of each home they help a buyer purchase or a seller to sell. However, we do not crawl under the house, up in the attic, pull pictures off walls, etc. We are not licensed, certified inspectors. We understand there is a cost to all inspections, but it is still the best bet to avoiding future surprises down the road.

The Tax Man Cometh…

Tax TimeCongratulations! Your home is SOLD. Upon close of escrow you should have received a document called the Closing or Settlement Statement. It includes an itemization of all your debits and credits from your transaction and is of particular importance during tax preparation as some expenses may be considered tax deductions. These potential deductions apply if you sold a home, bought a home or refinanced your primary residence. Some of the items generally considered to be tax deductible include:

  • Any of your paid real estate taxes
  • Your paid loan origination fee
  • Private mortgage insurance cost
  • Any prepaid mortgage interest

If you don’t have this document handy, contact your real estate agent. It is important to seek advice from your tax attorney and/or your accountant to be certain about your eligible deductions. Unfortunately we are all faced with two unavoidable givens: taxes and death, but the deductions may make April 15th a little less painful.

Coming Soon Home for Sale in 94598

Dayna Did It Again! Proud to present a New Listing…
3456 Peachwillow Lane
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
4 Bedrooms / 2 Bathrooms / 1,781 s/f / Single Story Home
Coming Soon in the Popular Walnut Creek Woodlands Neighborhood

Dayna Did it Again-New Listing in Walnut Creek, CA

Dayna Did it Again-New Listing in Walnut Creek, CA


• Four Bedrooms, incl. Master Suite
• Two Remodeled Bathrooms
• Fresh Interior Designer Paint
• Gleaming Hardwood Floors
• Formal Dining Room
• Peaceful, Landscaped Backyard ready for entertaining
• Dual-Pane Windows-Anderson and Milguard
• Crown Moldings
• Steel Roof
• Top Rated Northgate High School
• Walk to Valle Verde Elementary School
• 3 Blocks from Shopping, Services, Restaurants
• Woodlands Cabana Swim Club-Memberships Available

My children attended this school and we loved it-great teachers and lots of fun activities, field trips, school play, Haunted House, etc.

My children attended this school and we loved it-great teachers and lots of fun activities, field trips, school play, Haunted House, etc.

Please call me for more details…Dayna Wilson – Downsizing Diva!
Keller Williams Realty-East Bay

Are YOU ready to get moving in 2015?

Day Real Estate and Town of Danville are hosting a Special Screening of Age of Champions on September 9th

Day Real Estate, in partnership with The Town of Danville, is hosting a FREE event that celebrates seniors. The downloadscreening will held at the Village Theatre, located at 233 Front Street in Danville, and features the documentary Age of Champions, produced by Tad Ochwat and directed by Chris Ruso. There will be a special appearance by the film producer, Tad Ochwat.

Age of Champions is the inspiring story of a group of athletes, including a 100-year-old tennis champion, an 86-year-old pole vaulter, a team of basketball grandmothers, and a pair of swimming brothers that are all chasing gold at the National Senior Olympics. The film captures the triumphant spirit of these competitors as they tackle the challenges of old age with grace, humor, and optimism.
Age of Champions made its world premiere at the 2011 Silverdocs Film Festival and was heralded by the Washington Post as “infectiously inspiring.” Athletes featured in the film have received wide attention from the national media, including NBC Evening News, CNN, The Regis & Kelly Show, ABC News, NPR, and a cover story in Washington Post magazine.

Immediately following the local Age of Champions screening, film producer Tad Ochwat will participate in a 30 minute question and answer session with the audience. The evening will include light refreshments served in the lobby beginning at 6:30pm.

To Register Please call 925-314-3490

EVENT DETAILS: Age of Champions Film/Documentary Screening

This event is FREE

Date: Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Village Theatre
233 Front Street
Danville, CA 94506

About Day Real Estate/Dayna Wilson:
Wilson is certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), and Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP). Wilson is focused on assisting seniors and their families negotiate a later in life home sale and move. As a SRES® designee, Day is astute to the financial and emotional challenges senior clients face when they sell a long-held family home. Day creates a customized approach to marketing and selling a property for seniors, and also works with clients to explore assisted living housing options and find appropriate care for long-term. Dayna has special knowledge about everything from reverse mortgages to the importance of universal design, helping senior clients find qualified home inspectors, movers, attorneys, CPAs, organizers and other experts.

Dayna Wilson

Keller Williams Realty CalBRE# 01781285

I’m a Cover Girl for 2013 Born to Age Directory

The 2013 Born to Age Senior Care Directory has arrived~8th Anniversay Edition.

I'm a Cover Girl!

I’m a Cover Girl!

The Mission: to provide timely, accurate information on Senior Resources to people who want to be a part of the process of planning for, and deciding on, the care that’s right for each unique individual.

Born To Age provides timely, comparative advice on:

  • Home Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Long Term Care
  • Senior Living
  • Retirement Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Eldercare
  • Real Estate and more…

I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist serving Boomers and better in Contra Costa County! Let’s get you moving this year…

Dayna Wilson – SRES Realtor for Contra Costa County