Toss It Tuesday – 11 Reasons to Own Less Stuff

Cluttered Room

In the article 11 Reasons to Own Less Stuff, author Christina Tiplea shares a few huge benefits she’s discovered in owning less stuff:

You’ll spend less. Once you make the conscious decision to own less stuff, you automatically stop seeking out new stuff to bring into your home. It’s just a given. And by desiring to bring less stuff in, you will be spending less as well. A huge benefit!

You’ll have more time. You’ll be spending less time tidying up, organizing, and maintaining your things. This will leave you with more time to do the things you actually want to be doing. Sounds pretty great, right?

You’ll have more freedom. You’ll have a sense of freedom when you no longer feel like your stuff owns you (because let’s face it, to a certain extent it does). And also freedom from comparing your stuff to what others have. Simply because you just won’t care anymore!

You’ll have less stress. With less stuff, comes a lot less stress. I feel my stress lessening more and more as we continue to donate the unnecessary, and it really feels fantastic! I am someone who gets stressed out pretty easily, so this was a big benefit to me. I am not someone that can throw a box into a storage room and then completely forget about it. I feel uneasy where there are things in our home that we no longer use, typically accompanied by some guilt-induced stress knowing that we own things we aren’t even using. Especially when others could benefit from these things a lot more than we could.”

Read the rest of the reasons at: 11 Reasons to Own Less Stuff.


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