Downsizing Made Simple-Five Steps to a Successful Move

“Downsizing Made Simple-Five Steps to a Successful Move” presented by Seniors Real Estate Specialist Dayna Wilson this Sunday, August 28th | 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Please RSVP (925) 943-1121 Presented at The Kensington. A Vintage Senior Living Community, located at 1580 Geary Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94597.

As a  professional dedicated to serving downsizing seniors, Dayna’s goal is to ensure that her clients are well informed, prepared and equipped to navigate the complexities that a late-in-life move entails. By utilizing the proven Downsizing Made Easy 5-Step System for a successful move, she is giving you a road map so  you have the tools to accomplish exactly that.

senior citizens photo

Photo by auntjojo Enjoy a complimentary dinner while Dayna shares tips on downsizing. Everyone is welcome.

  • Overview of the “5 Easy Steps to Downsizing”
  • Complete list of questions for your senior clients to consider before making a move
  • Housing needs checklist
  • Descriptions of common senior living options
  • Key questions for touring senior living and skilled care communities
  • Forms that include a timetable for planning the move and comparison charts on available housing options
  • Guidelines for family meetings and a sample letter to inform family of move plans
  • Tips for hiring various key professionals related to the moving process (including real estate agents)
  • Guidance on estate sales and estate auctions
  • Suggestions for effectively adjusting to a new lifestyle
  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning the moving process

Attendees will receive a gift worth up to $1,000.

Following our dinner discussion the Kensington will continue with their Sunday Concert Series. At 7:00pm attendees will be treated to a special performance by Ronit Widmann-Levy, soprano. 

A fundraising raffle will be held with proceeds benefiting MEMORY WALK Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research… 


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Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation

Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation is much more than a set of letters after my name.

Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation

Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation

To me, serving as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist is a heartfelt commitment to those older home owners and their families in my community.  I have found working with Boomers and Betters is my calling and I’m constantly looking for new paths to consider taking that will allow me to offer assistance extending beyond selling and buying homes. My Concierge Services have grown to include preparing and selling the long-held family home, estate liquidation, downsizing and packing, relocation and unpacking…and much more. Dayna Wilson Real Estate acts as project manager, handling all services and providers to provide a more holistic approach to a later in life transition. We can even help you with staying put, if that’s your current preference. Moving is never easy. And, if you or your parents haven’t done it in awhile, or need a bit of extra help, there are folks who can make it easier. I humbly recommend your first call be to your local, trusted Seniors Real Estate Specialist!

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Boomers and Seniors on the Move-2016 Directory for Older Adults

Boomers and Seniors on the Move

Boomers and Seniors on the Move-2016 Directory for Older Adults.

Proud to once again be supporting the Born to Age Directory for Older Adults for 2016. They will be celebrating their 10th year. I am proud to be the ONLY Seniors Real Estate Specialist represented in this magazine. Let me know if you have been wondering, “Who’s going to take care of me (or Mom & Dad) when I no longer can?” It’s a good question. Not many of us want to think about it, nor have made any plans. Many clients I work with don’t address this until a crisis occurs. Everyone hopes and prays for good health, prosperity and longevity.

Most of us will outlive our ability to drive. Past 80, approx. 50% of us will have some form of dementia, or some form of a chronic disease. So, it might be a good idea to understand the options and possibilities. Talk to your children, parents, family members, friends, trusted advisers about how you INTEND to live as you get older.

So much has changed in senior care in the past decade alone and most people have no idea just how much. New products are being introduced, new advances in technology, new senior living communities are opening-the rapidity of change is imminent. Let me know how I can help get you the resources and assistance you need now or for your future.

Dayna-Diablo Area’s Downsizing Diva!

Lamorinda Seniors…What’s “The Village?”

What the “The Village?”
We are a nonprofit, self-governing, community-based membership organization with the goal of enabling our members to remain in their own homes and communities as they age. It is not a bricks and mortar establishment. It is a “virtual” village with all the attributes of a village without actually being one.

Neighbors helping neighbors

Neighbors helping neighbors

As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), I am honored to be have been chosen as a Preferred Service Provider (PSP) for the newly formed Lamorinda Village! In conjunction with the other providers, my goal is to assist residents of Lafayette, Moraga, and Orinda (Lamorinda who are interested in remaining in their own homes and communities as they age – with the services, programs, and support needed and to do so with safety, confidence and independence.

There are over 150 Villages in operation and another 100 in development throughout the country. They are based on the very successful Beacon Hill Village established in Boston over ten years ago. There are numerous active Villages in Bay Area; Lamorinda Village will be the first in Contra Costa County. According to the 2010 census, Lamorinda has a population of 10,582 over the age of 65. That represents 18.4% of its total population. According to an AARP survey, almost 90% of us would prefer to remain in our own homes as we age.

Call #Dayna Wilson-Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) for more information. SRES

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Seniors Sell their Home-Downsizing Made Easy

I met Mr. & Mrs. C at the Downsizing Made Easy-5 Steps to a Successful Move seminar I gave in Danville, Ca. Fast forward…3 weeks later they called for a consultation to sell their home. They hired me on the spot and we began preparing the home for market. Needless to say, the transaction was a success. Their home received 5 offers and was sold in 1 week. Here is what their adult daughter had to say:

Diablo's Downsizing Diva in Danville

Diablo’s Downsizing Diva in Danville

“I would highly recommend Dayna Wilson for her expertise with older home sellers. She helped my parents sell their home in Danville (47 years) in order to move to a Senior Community in Lafayette. She was very confident, knew the area market, and had many technology based strategies to help sell their house quickly. The whole process can be overwhelming trying to decide what needs to be fixed up before the sale, but she helped them through the whole process. Dayna had many companies she recommended for painting, staging, cleanup, and repairs. We had one open house weekend and the next Thursday she had 7 offers to present to us. Dayna went over every offer and explained each one in detail and helped guide my parents to the offer that was the best for them to accept. The whole process can be stressful at times, downsizing from 2000 square feet down to 650 square feet, but Dayna got them through it and gave them a wonderful result. She really listened to my parents and I appreciated that immensely. Call Dayna if your parents are thinking of downsizing or if you are looking to buy or sell your house. You’ll be in good hands!”

What do a Realtor, Attorney, Interior Designer and Move Manager have in common?

Ask a Question of the Experts

We will all be at the Boomers Lifesytle Show next weekekdn Feb. 9th & 10th.

I’m leading a panel presentation Sunday about “Rightsizing made Easy.”
What are the TOP 3 questions you want answered?
I really appreciate your input!!

I’m a Cover Girl for 2013 Born to Age Directory

The 2013 Born to Age Senior Care Directory has arrived~8th Anniversay Edition.

I'm a Cover Girl!

I’m a Cover Girl!

The Mission: to provide timely, accurate information on Senior Resources to people who want to be a part of the process of planning for, and deciding on, the care that’s right for each unique individual.

Born To Age provides timely, comparative advice on:

  • Home Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Long Term Care
  • Senior Living
  • Retirement Homes
  • Nursing Homes
  • Eldercare
  • Real Estate and more…

I am a Senior Real Estate Specialist serving Boomers and better in Contra Costa County! Let’s get you moving this year…

Dayna Wilson – SRES Realtor for Contra Costa County

Boomer Lifestyle Show-Feb. 9 & 10. 2013

Hiding the Over FiftiesI will be participating in this show! Please come by and visit the East Bay Senior Resource Solutions Group’s Booth.

We believe that you are never too old to enjoy life and never too young to start planning. We boomers are living longer and the Boomer Lifestyle Show can help us all live better. It’s time to find help to plan for the rest of your life – whether you have kids in college, or parents needing assisted living – we have the experts with answers for your tough questions about financial security, health and fitness, leisure and travel, real estate and home improvements – everything you need for a full and satisfying life. For more information please visit:
Source: Boomer Trade Show

Come enjoy one or both days and bring a friend.
Date: Feb. 9 & 10, 2013
Where: Alameda County Fairgrounds, Pleasanton, CA

I will be speaking on: Downsizing Made Easy.
Dayna Wilson – Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) Keller Williams Realty DRE# 10781285 925.788.6582

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Emergency Response Systems Save Lives and Medicare Big Dollars

MB900442656I thought this article was worth repeating and sharing…

Needless trips to the ER are stressful to older adults and their families and take the time of emergency room medical providers. These needless trips will cost individuals, hospitals and Medicare thousands of dollars.

My mother, who lives in Assisted Living, uses oxygen and can have episodes of forgetting how to adjust her oxygen and all its cords, buttons and dials. When she does she becomes short of breath, she tends to call 911 and in the last 30 days she has had three trips to the ER.

So, I decided to install an emergency response system in her apartment, which she was familiar with because she had used it when she lived alone in her home. She is aware that pushing it will get her help. She can’t remember to call the front desk when she feels ill – so the necklace works for her.

On Saturday morning, less than 24 hours after installing the “button”, she pushed it requesting transport to the hospital. The Emergency Response company called me first (should have been the front desk but since cleared that protocol up) and I was able to direct them to the front desk who sent the medical technician and nurse to check on her – sure enough her oxygen tube was pinched and once corrected, she was fine and walking down to breakfast within minutes and not on her way to a hospital!

This monthly cost of $30 saved Medicare thousands of dollars and Mom and me hours of stress.

If you are looking for an emergency response system for a family member, never sign contracts that have high costs. Installation should run under $50 at the most and monthly fees from $29-60, depending on all the enhancements. You should have the ability to stop service whenever it is no longer needed and not be billed any fees for discontinuing.
Source-Linda Fodrini-Johnson Eldercare Services

For additional information about services for seniors, especially real estate matters in The San Francisco East Bay and Contra Costa County, please contact me! I am pleased to be a resource for other challenges as I am well connected with many professionals and organizations that are here to help! Some are free!
Dayna Wilson – Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)
Keller Williams Realty DRE #01781285

50+ Homeowners Borrowing More and Saving Less

shadow marketHomeowners more than 50 years old are falling into foreclosure faster than any other age group. Foreclosures increased by 23% over the past five years, resulting in 1.5 million foreclosures. This is more prevalent with widows whose husbands held the mortgage in their name.

The main reason for the rise in foreclosures is due to women outliving their spouses and challenged with medical costs, mortgage and pension cuts, balloon payments, etc.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is starting to create guidelines for lenders in scenarios involving surviving relatives. Banks have also stated that they will work with widows. Looking at all loans held by persons over 50, approx. 6%were delinquent in 2011, up from 1% in 2007, according to a study by AARP.

I suggest my older clients seek the advise of a trusted financial, tax and or legal advisor when experiencing a life-transition. For more senior resources, please contact: Dayna Wilson-Senior Real Estate Specialist
Keller Williams Realty DRE# 01781285 OR # 925-788-6582