Transition Thursday: 5 Questions Baby Boomers Should Ask Themselves When Switching Careers

Baby Boomer Entrepreneur

In the article 5 Questions Baby Boomers Should Ask Themselves When Switching Careers, author Kimberly Schneiderman explains why Baby Boomers are making career changes at the end of their work tenures:

“In some cases, they switch jobs out of necessity. Involuntary layoffs and downsizing can play a role in prompting an employee to search for a new job. In some cases, Boomers might crave trying something completely new, and finally have the liberty and financial freedom to make the switch to explore their passions. Like any other person seeking a job change, Boomers may have a desire to live in a different climate, or move closer to family.”

If you’re thinking about making a career change, start by asking yourself these questions:

What am I passionate about? If you have any number of years of experience under your belt, you might know what you like about your past positions, and what you didn’t like. Is there something that interests you that you’ve never had the chance to explore? Is there a role you’ve never had the chance to play, such as a manager, that you’d like to try? Define what makes you tick.

What am I good at? Don’t assume you have to stay in the same industry, or even in the same role where you have the most experience. Look at sister industries – places that you know and understand based on your work experience, where you can use your existing skillset in a different way, or for a different purpose. Start drawing connections between the way you used skills in the past, and how you might be able to use them in the future.

What have I learned from my experiences? Whether you stayed in the same career for 40 years, or you left the workforce at some point along the way, your life experiences are valuable to organizations, regardless of some of the negative stereotypes about the “non-digital native” population of workers. Forbes contributor Kevin Murnane reported on the results of a HMA survey that found Boomers actually spend more time on the Internet than younger generations. Because Boomers have personally witnessed the growth and adoption of technology, they have a unique ability to understand the long-lasting ramifications technology has had on the way we work and live. Bring that knowledge and perspective to your conversations with future employers.”

Read the rest at 5 Questions Baby Boomers Should Ask Themselves When Switching Careers.


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