Seniors on the Move: What’s My Role?

Senior CoupleSeniors Real Estate Specialists, like myself, can encounter some sticky situations. After all, I help navigate changes my clients weren’t expecting and may not be prepared to handle. I like to have clients and family members identify their roles in the beginning to make things easier for everyone.

Challenges can include, adult children struggling with the realization their parents need more help. And, aging parents sometimes resenting their adult child’s ‘intrusion’ into or perhaps absence from their lives at a time of transition.

When things get sticky and emotions run high, my job is to listen to needs and offer potential solutions. Sometimes I need to remind family members that enabling aging parents to maintain their self-respect, quality of life, independence and autonomy for as long as possible is the goal.

My role? Respect their perspective, slow down, ask then listen.

My responsibilities? Knowing who owns the property and can conduct transactions, with whom I can discuss details, identities of individuals and how to protect my clients.

Major family transitions, such as supporting aging parents in their changing housing needs, can challenge even the closest families. Ask your trusted Seniors Real Estate Specialist how they can make the process go more smoothly and avoid additional drama and stress.

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