Moving Mom Monday: Questions to Ask Aging Parents When Planning a Move – Part Two

Helping your aging parents simplify their lives includes establishing where they stand financially.

Finances are a key component when planning a parental move, affecting how and where your parents will live. Managing your parents’ finances are not like managing your own, especially if you don’t have all the information you need.

Again, it all starts with a plan.

In Part One of this four-part series, published on this blog every Monday, we started a list of questions to ask your parents concerning their current lifestyle…and how they see it changing in the future.

In Part Two, here are questions to ask that can help determine where your parents stand financially:

1. MONTHLY INCOME: What is your parents’ monthly income today? Is it expected to change in the future? If so, what will be the difference in monthly income?

2. SAVINGS AND INVESTMENTS: Determine how much your parents have in savings and through investments. What investments do they have? Where are those investments held? Who are the contacts for the investments? How are these investments titled (joint accounts, individual, etc.)? Is there a financial adviser in the picture? Also ask about IRAs (individual retirement accounts), credit union accounts, bank accounts and insurance policies.

3. HOME EQUITY: How much equity can your parents expect to receive from the sale of their home?

4. ESTATE SALE: How much can your parents expect to earn from an estate sale?

5. MONTHLY EXPENSES: What are your parents’ monthly/annual expenses? How will these expenses change when your parents sell their home?

6. MOVING EXPENSES: Will any family members be contributing to your parents’ moving and/or living expenses? If so, who will be participating? How much will each person be contributing? Will these contributions be one-time payments or payments that continue on a monthly basis?

7. OTHER BENEFITS: What types of benefits do your parents have that can offset their housing expense? Is either parent a military veteran?


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