Moving Mom Monday: Questions to Ask Aging Parents When Planning a Move – Part One

Helping your aging parents simplify their lives can feel daunting and stressful.

While adult children may have their parents’ best interests at heart and think they have all the answers, they don’t always know what’s best for their parents. One of the biggest mistakes? Waiting until a crisis occurs to have the conversation about housing and care options is the number one mistake we see in most families.

So, how does one help Mom and Dad go about selling a home they’ve lived in for decades and one that is full of a life’s worth of ‘stuff!?’

It all starts with a plan.

In Part One of this four-part series, published on this blog every Monday, here is a list of questions to ask your parents concerning their current lifestyle…and how they see it changing in the future.

1. HEALTH CARE OR NUTRITION: Are you tired of planning and cooking dinners every night? How would you describe your diet? Do you need assistance with grocery shopping and food preparation? How would you describe how you feel physically and emotionally? How many doctor appointments do you have scheduled per month? Will that change in the future?

2. TRANSPORTATION: Are you still driving? What are the options in your area if you need to stop driving at some point? Do you drive yourself to your doctor appointments now? Do you find yourself depending on rides from family/friends more these days? Do you ever use public transportation? Will you depend more on public transportation in the future?

3. LIVING INDEPENDENTLY: How long do you think you can live independently? What household tasks seem more difficult to accomplish now? What household tasks (lawn care, housekeeping, etc.) can you still handle? Which tasks do you need help with? Do you know who is available — volunteer or professional — to give you assistance?

4. CURRENT LOCATION: Do you want to stay close to your current neighborhood or move to another area? How important is it to you to have your family nearby? Will that change in the future?

5. FAMILY: How involved are your children and other close family members in your every day life? If so, how would you want that to change, if at all?

6. FRIENDS: Who do you consider your close friends? Do they live nearby? Will that change in the future?

7. TYPES OF ACTIVITIES: What activities do you participate in now? How important is it to you that you continue to participate in these activities?

8. LIVING SITUATION: If you were to move out of your current home, what type of living situation would appeal to you? An apartment? Senior living community? A smaller private residence? Could you rent or do you need to own?


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