Freedom Friday: Baby Boomers Gain Freedom Through Technology

Baby Boomer Couple Look at Content on Their Hand-Held Tablet

A 2017 report released by Pew Internet Research Project notes that older adults are steadily increasing their use of the Internet.

“Around four-in-ten (42%) adults ages 65 and older now report owning smartphones, up from just 18% in 2013. Internet use and home broadband adoption among this group have also risen substantially. Today, 67% of seniors use the internet – a 55-percentage-point increase in just under two decades. And for the first time, half of older Americans now have broadband at home.”

In her article Baby Boomers Gain Freedom Through Technology, author H. E. James notes that Baby Boomers are quickly adopting and adapting to the technologies which are native to their grandchildren, the Millennials. This trend is necessary, as technology will help Baby Boomers communicate with those caring for them — nurses, doctors, and caregivers.

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