Freedom Friday: AARP Travel Research: Baby Boomers 2017 Travel Trends

Baby Boomer Couple Relaxing in Swimming Pool

According to AARP, almost all Boomers will travel for leisure in 2017, taking an average of 5 trips.

Top 2017 Boomer travel trends show that almost all will travel for leisure with about half traveling internationally.

Key findings include the following:

  • Most Boomers are looking for a laid back and relaxing trip to give them the opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family.
  • To do so, Boomers are planning to escape to Mexico, the Caribbean, and/or the British Isles (UK, Ireland) for their upcoming international trips. Their domestic trips, although covering a variety of cities, are most often being planned for a Florida or California destination.
  • Regarding authentic experiences, although Boomers would like to eat a meal with locals (50%), or tour with locals (40% among international travelers), they are not as open to staying with locals, domestically or abroad (18%).
  • As seen in past research, among Boomers who are still working, approximately 40% do not anticipate taking all of their vacation days. And when they do vacation, 40% feel it is at least somewhat important to stay connected to work while away, which is why many anticipate spending at least 10% of their vacation time working.

Read the rest at AARP.


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