Freedom Friday: 8 Ways Baby Boomers Have Made Senior Living SO Much Better

Senior couple riding bicyclesIn the Reader’s Digest article, 8 Ways Baby Boomers Have Made Senior Living SO Much Better, author Michelle Seitzer describes what baby boomers want when it comes to senior living:

1. Pets welcome. Whether seniors know these health benefits of having a pet or just love their furry friends, they aren’t giving up their pets anytime soon. If Fido can’t go, they’ll pass. But it’s not enough for Fido to just come along; boomers are looking for amenities for their best furry friends too. Think doggie spas and fenced-in runs.

2. Pamper me. The sterile hospital feel is so retro, and not in a good way. Tomorrow’s senior housing consumers want it to look and feel like they’re on vacation, and in a sleek, contemporary setting (modern is in). Don’t forget the robust list of amenities: Boomers want to have ample choices, more services, maybe even chocolates on their pillows. We recommend senior housing facilities take a cue from these tricks to make overnight guests feel more comfortable.

3. More space, please. On the whole, downsizing is not in their vocabulary. Most boomer consumers want space for all their stuff, a dedicated place to entertain new and old friends, and plenty of room for the grandkids to visit. Senior living is moving away from studios and toward more one-bedroom options. (If your place feels too small to have people over, steal these tips for entertaining in a small space.)

4. Anti-boredom. Yes, they want to play golf, but boomers want to be active in other ways—sports or not—“on-campus” and off. (Just look at these inspiring senior athletes for proof!) They want workshops to tinker in, gardens to cultivate, and volunteer opportunities in which to be engaged. They want fitness centers and a social wellness calendar packed with Zumba, yoga, pottery, guest lectures, concerts, computer classes, mixers and more—like these 10 ways to keep your brain sharp as you age.”

Read the rest at 8 Ways Baby Boomers Have Made Senior Living SO Much Better.


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