Freedom Friday: More Ways Baby Boomers Have Made Senior Living SO Much Better

Baby Boomer Couple in CityIn the Reader’s Digest article, 8 Ways Baby Boomers Have Made Senior Living SO Much Better, author Michelle Seitzer describes what baby boomers want when it comes to senior living:

The city life. Experts are seeing a surge in popularity among urban housing options and settings for retirees, who are no longer worried about school districts, parking, and other metro area drawbacks typically associated with parents of young children. A city’s “walkability” is an important consideration here as well, both in terms of walking distance and ease of walking (for those who may have mobility issues now or later). That way, seniors can take advantage of these health benefits of a quick, 15-minute walk.

A wired world. Wi-Fi is not a luxury but a necessity. Boomers and seniors are the fastest growing online demographic, so they’ll need to stay connected. Besides, how else will they be able to Skype with the grandchildren or post pictures from last night’s wine and cheese social to Facebook? After all, science says loneliness is even deadlier than obesity.

Staying at home longer. Senior living is great, but staying at home is even better. Nearly 75 percent of adults hope to stay in their current homes as long as possible, according to an AARP survey. And thanks to “universal design,” with features like stair-less entryways and easy-to-flip light switches, seniors can live in their homes longer than ever. (Check out these other ways to make a home safe as you age.)

Better transportation. Even if they can’t drive, seniors don’t want to be stuck in the same place all day. Assisted living facilities almost always offer vans to make it easy for residents to go shopping or make a lunch date with friends, without feeling guilty about asking for a ride. Find out how to tell if your loved one should stop driving.”

Read the rest at 8 Ways Baby Boomers Have Made Senior Living SO Much Better.


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