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Thursday, November 12th | 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Enjoy a complimentary lunch while Seniors Real Estate Specialist Dayna Wilson shares tips on downsizing to a more manageable home and answers the top 10 most often asked questions concerning planning for and making a later in life move.

Please RSVP (925) 943-1121

Boomers and Seniors on the Move-2016 Directory for Older Adults

Boomers and Seniors on the Move

Boomers and Seniors on the Move-2016 Directory for Older Adults.

Proud to once again be supporting the Born to Age Directory for Older Adults for 2016. They will be celebrating their 10th year. I am proud to be the ONLY Seniors Real Estate Specialist represented in this magazine. Let me know if you have been wondering, “Who’s going to take care of me (or Mom & Dad) when I no longer can?” It’s a good question. Not many of us want to think about it, nor have made any plans. Many clients I work with don’t address this until a crisis occurs. Everyone hopes and prays for good health, prosperity and longevity.

Most of us will outlive our ability to drive. Past 80, approx. 50% of us will have some form of dementia, or some form of a chronic disease. So, it might be a good idea to understand the options and possibilities. Talk to your children, parents, family members, friends, trusted advisers about how you INTEND to live as you get older.

So much has changed in senior care in the past decade alone and most people have no idea just how much. New products are being introduced, new advances in technology, new senior living communities are opening-the rapidity of change is imminent. Let me know how I can help get you the resources and assistance you need now or for your future.

Dayna-Diablo Area’s Downsizing Diva!

Dayna Wilson Teaches “Moving Mom and Dad”

Moving Mom and Dad: 5 Common Mistakes Adult Children of Aging Parents Make and How to Avoid Them

Join Dayna Wilson- Seniors Real Estate Specialist and friends for an informative class designed specifically for those assisting elder family members with late-life moves. As experts specializing in assisting mature home buyers and sellers, we will introduce to you the five most common mistakes made by adult children of aging parents and how to avoid them.

You will gain valuable insights and strategies helping you and your family to…

Dayna Wilson Teaches Moving Mom & Dad

Dayna Wilson Teaches Moving Mom & Dad-5 Common Mistakes

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Create a plan of action for future care needs
  • Locate suitable senior living options
  • Simplify the relocation process
  • Find and hire the right support when you need it

Reserve your seat today! Contact Mt. Diablo Adult Education by calling 925-937-1530 or online:

Senior Live Well Forum & Resource Fair



Senior Resource Fair

Senior Resource Fai

Friday, May 8, 10:00 am–2:00 pm
Pleasant Hill Senior Center, 233 Gregory Lane

Senior Live Well Forum: A day full of educational and uplifting speakers, plus lunch and opportunity to win raffle prizes. All funds raised benefit the Senior Center Care Management Program. For registration and more information,
call the Senior Center at (925) 798-8788.

This year’s speaker lineup:
> “Hoarding Behavior: The Problem with Too Much Stuff” by Patrick Arbore, Ed.D.
> “Organizing Made Easy” by Gloria Bullock, Glorified Organizing
> New York Times Bestselling Author Susy Flory presents “Thunderdog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust at Ground Zero” Guide Dogs for the Blind and Fostering Puppies Program

Pre-sale $25 (60+ years); $30 (General)
At the Door (if available) $35 (60+ years); $40 (General)

Come Early for the Free Ultimate Senior Resource Fair from 8:30 am–1:00 pm. As a Seniors Real Estate Specialist, I will be one of over 50 vendors from the local area. Come by my booth to enter drawing and say, “Hello!”

5 Tips for Seniors selling their Walnut Creek, Ca Home

Preparing for another listing appointment for a couple here in my ‘hood’-Walnut Creek, CA 94598. They are proactively planning ahead for a move to Napa & requested a consultation to get the process started in the right direction. Moving in your 80’s is a huge endeavor. I have found older home sellers just move at a slower pace, and it’s OK.

Dayna's Top 5 Tips for Senior Home Sellers

Dayna’s Top 5 Tips for Senior Home Sellers

Top 5 Tips to Prepare Seniors for their Move:

#1 DECIDE WHERE YOU ARE MOVING TO- It is so much easier to move out prior to listing the home. Less hassle and disruption from agents and buyers, inspectors, appraisers, Open Houses, etc. Don’t think you can swing it financially to move before your home has closed escrow? There are bridge loans available, along with financing from many independent and assisted living communities that will cover your monthly payments until your home has sold.

As a Certified Senior Housing Professional I have toured most of the local senior communities, as well as rely on my trusted Placement Managers to guide my older home sellers to housing options that best fit their needs.

#2 MOVE FIRST-Once the home is empty, listing agent can get to work organizing cleaners, inspectors, handyman and other licensed professionals. If you have lived in your homes for many years, or even many decades, you probably have some deferred maintenance. Don’t despair! Most issues can be handled by your trusty handyman/contractor.

Having lived and worked in this area for many years, I have a “Little Black Book’ of professionals that are part of the Day Real Estate Team.

#3 GET A HOME & PEST INSPECTION-Wouldn’t you want to know if there are hidden issues with your home that could be taken care of upfront? Most often, home sellers can deal with repairs and replacements for less money than waiting for a buyer to ask for a credit at closing. Buyers don’t want a honey-do list when they move into their new home.

Better to know what, if any, issues your home may have in order to fix them before you list. In order to net the most amount of money, I suggest sellers take as many negotiation stumbling blocks off of the table up front as possible.

#4 THINK FRESH, LIGHT AND BRIGHT-you may not have the time, money or interest in doing any major remodeling prior to selling your home. However, for relatively little investment you will want to consider a fresh coat of paint and cleaned carpets. If your carpets are older than 8 years old or have stains that cannot be cleaned, please consider replacing your carpets. Also, the wallpaper has to go! Even if it was lovely in its day-chances are it is specific to your taste in decor. Again-we want the majority of buyers to see themselves living in your home!

Paint is an inexpensive fix to drab, scratched walls. There are lesser priced carpets that will still look lovely.

#5 PHOTOS SHOULD POP ON-LINE-My biggest pet-peeve is when I see fuzzy, crooked photos, or rooms that are over-flowing with stuff. This is the time to put your property’s ‘best foot forward’ so I highly recommend you use a professional photographer to show off the space and best features of each room, the yard, etc.

Not only do I leave the photography to the professional, I also always recommend staging. Again, statistics support the fact that a staged home will sell in a shorter amount of time and for more $.

Dayna, Diablo’s Downsizing Diva is on call!

Contra Costa Seniors Attend Seminar on East Bay Housing

 Contra Costa Seniors Attend Seminar on East Bay Housing and Retirement Strategies at Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church 

East Bay Boomers and Seniors Learn How to Unlock the Equity in Their Home and Plan for Aging

Lafayette, CA,  A seminar led by Contra Costa Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Dayna Wilson, on April 27th, helped local seniors facing the challenges of financing retirement understand the Bay Area real estate market and how to unlock the equity in their home.  Wilson, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty/Day Real Estate (, a fellow real estate agent and a Home Equity Retirement Specialist, showed seniors how they can plan for retirement by leveraging the local housing market.  Attendees learned how to reduce expenses, plan for changing locations and create additional income to finance health care and assisted living. 

Seminar topics covered how to afford to stay in your home or relocate closer to family members, and how to access cash to fulfill retirement dreams.  Seniors and their families learned how to accomplish life transitions with the most ease and how to plan for senior living.  The class also covered topics like accessing equity from a home while aging in place, what to consider before renting vs. making a move, the costs and complexities of selling, risk management and ways to minimize the stress of moving. 

“As a person that has lived in the same house for more than 45 years…”Wilson” gave me a lot of information that will prove essential if and when my wife and I decide to change our residence at some point.”  Don – Lafayette, Ca.

Dayna Wilson developed the seminar hosted by Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church to help seniors understand the complexities of aging and how important a safe and supportive home environment is to successful aging.  Wilson specializes in working with Boomers, Zoomers and Savvy Seniors as they consider what they want their ‘golden years’ to look like. She has earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Certified Senior Housing Specialist designations and is passionate about her work in this area.

“As a Contra Costa County Realtor who specializes in helping senior citizens and their families with their real estate needs, this part of my job is a great joy. Those 65+ and their families often don’t know which way to turn when making these important decisions,” says Wilson. “I’m grateful to Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church for hosting this event for all of the seniors in our communities.”

Contact: Dayna Wilson
Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP)

Certified Senior Housing Professional

Retirement 2.0 for Walnut Creek Boomers & Seniors

Maybe it really is time to seriously rethink the meaning of retirement. A pair of studies point to a lifestyle for future retirees that feature few of the hallmarks – full-time relaxation, travel, and puttering around – associated with traditional retirement. More and more, people are remaining in the workplace, either out of financial need or to stay engaged.

We are retiring why...

We are retiring later…read why…

For instance, an Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research study, “Working Longer—Older Americans’ Attitudes on Work and Retirement,” spotted an attitude shift among American about work, aging, and retirement. In 1991, just 11 percent of workers expected to retire after age 65. Now, in 2014, 33 percent of workers report that they expect to retire after age 65, and 10 percent don’t plan to retire at all.

Why? Some of the attitude shift has to do with expectation of living longer, healthier lives. Those who have reached or are nearing the traditional retirement age, don’t consider themselves old. Six in 10 say they feel younger than their age. 47 percent now plan to retire at a later age than they expected when they were 40.

But – no surprise here – money concerns play a role, too. EBRI found a shortfall in retirement savings among respondents. In fact, some numbers are dire, with 36 percent of respondents reporting that they have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.

As a result, workers are adjusting retirement expectations, with 82 percent reporting that their expected retirement age has increased.

Reasons for the delay:
• The poor economy (25 percent).
• Inadequate finances or can’t afford to retire (18 percent).
• A change in employment situation (17 percent).
• Needing to pay for health care costs (12 percent).
• Lack of faith in Social Security or government (9 percent).
• Higher-than-expected cost of living (9 percent).
• Wanting to make sure they have enough money to retire comfortably (8 percent).

What are your plans for retirement? Can you afford to stop working? Where will you live? How do you imagine your life once you have retired? Or, are you part of the 10% that have no plans to ever retire? Walnut Creek Boomers and Seniors on the Move have much to consider regarding retirement…

Source: SRES Consumer Newsletter – April 2014
By Elyse Umlauf-Garneau. Comments by Dayna Wilson-Seniors Real Restate Specialist with Keller Williams Realty

photo by: 401(K) 2013

Downsizing Made Easy – A Guide for you and your Loved Ones

During the holidays I hope you pay extra-close attention to the elders in your family. I find that adult children who haven’t seen their parents for awhile often notice a change. Perhaps this is a good time to take the opportunity to speak about designing a plan for the changes and challenges life may bring in the years to come.

Dayna Wilson helps Boomers, Empty Nesters and Seniors Simplify their lives and downsize their homes

Dayna Wilson helps Boomers, Empty Nesters and Seniors Simplify their lives and downsize their homes

This helpful 40 page guide has many tools and tips to make everything more stream-lined and hassle free, such as:
Holding a family meeting
Creating a plan to downsize
Questions to ask when touring senior communities
Things to consider when hiring professionals

I’d be honored to be your advocate and consultant with this type of transition and transaction.
Dayna Wilson- Senior Real Estate Specialsit

Making Downsizing Easy!

Celebrate National Senior Citizens Day!

As a member of the Seniors Real Estate Institute community, a Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) and a Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP)  I am committed to making a positive difference in the lives of older adults and I know you are too.
Let’s join forces and create a special day in the life of a senior! Today is I encourage you to invite an older adult for a cup of coffee, lunch, or a walk in the park and during your visit, ask them to share their story. Here are a few conversation starters to get them talking:

What was one of your most proud moments or times in your life?

Who have been your mentors and what did you learn from them?

What challenges have your overcome in your life and how did you do it?

Are there any years in history that are particularly memorable for you and why?

Of course, I would love to hear your story, see your pictures, and share the outcome of your celebration, too! With your permission I will share it on my Blog and Boomers & Seniors on the Move on Facebook!

Can’t pull something together before the end of the day? Plan something before next week. Think about your favorite clients, a special neighbor, or even your own Mom! Thank you in advance for taking part in this special day as proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1988 as National Senior Citizens Day.

Yours in Serving Seniors, Dayna


photo by: Sam Howzit

Presentation at John Muir Women Health Center-Huge Success

A couple of weeks ago I was offered the opportunity to be a speaker at John Muir Health’s Womens Center in Walnut Creek.

I was so pleased to break all the previous records for most attendees ever at my most recent presentation on Downsizing made Easy-5 Steps to a Successful Move held at John Muir Womens Health Center in Walnut Creek, Ca June 21, 2013. We had over 50 people come to learn more about this important and timely topic. There is an Age Wave sweeping the nation as 1 out of every 8 Americans is 65+.

Dayna Wilson - Senior Real Estate Specialist Speaks on this Timely Topic to a Full House

Dayna Wilson – Senior Real Estate Specialist Speaks on this Timely Topic to a Full House

The How’s and Why’s of creating a Plan for the “What Ifs” that life can bring and how to communicate this plan to your family and friends was discussed. Surrounding yourself with highly qualified professionals with specialized expertise was the next point covered. Getting rid of all that extra Stuff” was delved into at length, as this seems to be a huge sticking point in the process for most Boomers and Seniors Downsizing. I brought along one of my Senior Dream Team members, Donna Christner-Lile a Move Manager to facilitate this part of the class. Lastly, I wrapped up the 90 minute presentation regarding the impact of adjusting to a new lifestyle and home.

Do you need some advise regarding a plan to downsize? Do you need help with where to start? Who to call? Please allow me to be your advocate and guide. This is my passion and my career. 925-788-6582. I will share ideas and resources to help you with the plan you want to make for your future!

Do you belong to a group or association that would enjoy hearing such a talk?