Seniors on the Move: What’s My Role?

Senior CoupleSeniors Real Estate Specialists, like myself, can encounter some sticky situations. After all, I help navigate changes my clients weren’t expecting and may not be prepared to handle. I like to have clients and family members identify their roles in the beginning to make things easier for everyone.

Challenges can include, adult children struggling with the realization their parents need more help. And, aging parents sometimes resenting their adult child’s ‘intrusion’ into or perhaps absence from their lives at a time of transition.

When things get sticky and emotions run high, my job is to listen to needs and offer potential solutions. Sometimes I need to remind family members that enabling aging parents to maintain their self-respect, quality of life, independence and autonomy for as long as possible is the goal.

My role? Respect their perspective, slow down, ask then listen.

My responsibilities? Knowing who owns the property and can conduct transactions, with whom I can discuss details, identities of individuals and how to protect my clients.

Major family transitions, such as supporting aging parents in their changing housing needs, can challenge even the closest families. Ask your trusted Seniors Real Estate Specialist how they can make the process go more smoothly and avoid additional drama and stress.

Downsizing Made Simple-Five Steps to a Successful Move

“Downsizing Made Simple-Five Steps to a Successful Move” presented by Seniors Real Estate Specialist Dayna Wilson this Sunday, August 28th | 5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Please RSVP (925) 943-1121 Presented at The Kensington. A Vintage Senior Living Community, located at 1580 Geary Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94597.

As a  professional dedicated to serving downsizing seniors, Dayna’s goal is to ensure that her clients are well informed, prepared and equipped to navigate the complexities that a late-in-life move entails. By utilizing the proven Downsizing Made Easy 5-Step System for a successful move, she is giving you a road map so  you have the tools to accomplish exactly that.

senior citizens photo

Photo by auntjojo Enjoy a complimentary dinner while Dayna shares tips on downsizing. Everyone is welcome.

  • Overview of the “5 Easy Steps to Downsizing”
  • Complete list of questions for your senior clients to consider before making a move
  • Housing needs checklist
  • Descriptions of common senior living options
  • Key questions for touring senior living and skilled care communities
  • Forms that include a timetable for planning the move and comparison charts on available housing options
  • Guidelines for family meetings and a sample letter to inform family of move plans
  • Tips for hiring various key professionals related to the moving process (including real estate agents)
  • Guidance on estate sales and estate auctions
  • Suggestions for effectively adjusting to a new lifestyle
  • Frequently Asked Questions concerning the moving process

Attendees will receive a gift worth up to $1,000.

Following our dinner discussion the Kensington will continue with their Sunday Concert Series. At 7:00pm attendees will be treated to a special performance by Ronit Widmann-Levy, soprano. 

A fundraising raffle will be held with proceeds benefiting MEMORY WALK Walk to End Alzheimer’s® is the world’s largest event to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer’s care, support and research… 


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Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation

Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation is much more than a set of letters after my name.

Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation

Digging Deeper for my 65+ clients: My SRES® designation

To me, serving as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist is a heartfelt commitment to those older home owners and their families in my community.  I have found working with Boomers and Betters is my calling and I’m constantly looking for new paths to consider taking that will allow me to offer assistance extending beyond selling and buying homes. My Concierge Services have grown to include preparing and selling the long-held family home, estate liquidation, downsizing and packing, relocation and unpacking…and much more. Dayna Wilson Real Estate acts as project manager, handling all services and providers to provide a more holistic approach to a later in life transition. We can even help you with staying put, if that’s your current preference. Moving is never easy. And, if you or your parents haven’t done it in awhile, or need a bit of extra help, there are folks who can make it easier. I humbly recommend your first call be to your local, trusted Seniors Real Estate Specialist!

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Boomers and Seniors on the Move-2016 Directory for Older Adults

Boomers and Seniors on the Move

Boomers and Seniors on the Move-2016 Directory for Older Adults.

Proud to once again be supporting the Born to Age Directory for Older Adults for 2016. They will be celebrating their 10th year. I am proud to be the ONLY Seniors Real Estate Specialist represented in this magazine. Let me know if you have been wondering, “Who’s going to take care of me (or Mom & Dad) when I no longer can?” It’s a good question. Not many of us want to think about it, nor have made any plans. Many clients I work with don’t address this until a crisis occurs. Everyone hopes and prays for good health, prosperity and longevity.

Most of us will outlive our ability to drive. Past 80, approx. 50% of us will have some form of dementia, or some form of a chronic disease. So, it might be a good idea to understand the options and possibilities. Talk to your children, parents, family members, friends, trusted advisers about how you INTEND to live as you get older.

So much has changed in senior care in the past decade alone and most people have no idea just how much. New products are being introduced, new advances in technology, new senior living communities are opening-the rapidity of change is imminent. Let me know how I can help get you the resources and assistance you need now or for your future.

Dayna-Diablo Area’s Downsizing Diva!

Dayna Wilson and East Bay Senior Resource Solutions – Mixing it Up!

As a Realtor committed to serving Boomers & Seniors on the Move, I have had the pleasure and honor of being a founding member of the East Bay Senior Resource Solutions. We are a group of seasoned professionals dedicated to serving Seniors and their families at the highest level. Families call upon us when faced with life transitions.

Boomers & Seniors on the Move

Boomers & Seniors on the Move

THANK YOU to Tristan Piper, Jackie Garcia and staff for hosting our annual private reception last night. We had a room full of the best of the best! THANK YOU KENSINGTON-YOUR FOOD AND HOSPITALITY IS TOP NOTCH!

Moving Mon & Dad

Moving Mon & Dad

Day Real Estate and Town of Danville are hosting a Special Screening of Age of Champions on September 9th

Day Real Estate, in partnership with The Town of Danville, is hosting a FREE event that celebrates seniors. The downloadscreening will held at the Village Theatre, located at 233 Front Street in Danville, and features the documentary Age of Champions, produced by Tad Ochwat and directed by Chris Ruso. There will be a special appearance by the film producer, Tad Ochwat.

Age of Champions is the inspiring story of a group of athletes, including a 100-year-old tennis champion, an 86-year-old pole vaulter, a team of basketball grandmothers, and a pair of swimming brothers that are all chasing gold at the National Senior Olympics. The film captures the triumphant spirit of these competitors as they tackle the challenges of old age with grace, humor, and optimism.
Age of Champions made its world premiere at the 2011 Silverdocs Film Festival and was heralded by the Washington Post as “infectiously inspiring.” Athletes featured in the film have received wide attention from the national media, including NBC Evening News, CNN, The Regis & Kelly Show, ABC News, NPR, and a cover story in Washington Post magazine.

Immediately following the local Age of Champions screening, film producer Tad Ochwat will participate in a 30 minute question and answer session with the audience. The evening will include light refreshments served in the lobby beginning at 6:30pm.

To Register Please call 925-314-3490

EVENT DETAILS: Age of Champions Film/Documentary Screening

This event is FREE

Date: Tuesday, September 9th, 2014
Time: 6:30 p.m.
Village Theatre
233 Front Street
Danville, CA 94506

About Day Real Estate/Dayna Wilson:
Wilson is certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), and Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP). Wilson is focused on assisting seniors and their families negotiate a later in life home sale and move. As a SRES® designee, Day is astute to the financial and emotional challenges senior clients face when they sell a long-held family home. Day creates a customized approach to marketing and selling a property for seniors, and also works with clients to explore assisted living housing options and find appropriate care for long-term. Dayna has special knowledge about everything from reverse mortgages to the importance of universal design, helping senior clients find qualified home inspectors, movers, attorneys, CPAs, organizers and other experts.

Dayna Wilson

Keller Williams Realty CalBRE# 01781285

As Seniors Real Estate Specialists…

Seniors Real Estate Specialist in Walnut Creek, Ca

Seniors Real Estate Specialist in Walnut Creek, Ca

We are committed to taking the “overwhelm” out of the downsizing or relocation process. Our clients count on us and our trusted network of professionals to assist them with every aspect of the late-in-life transitions.

I have assembled a comprehensive team of providers that work with 65+ home sellers and home buyers. Movers, landscapers, cleaners, stagers and contractors can handle the ‘heavy-lifting.’ Attorneys, mortgage brokers, CPAs and financial advisers manage the complex paperwork.

I coordinate all the moving parts to make your move as stress-free as possible, while attending to the complexities of the contracts and negotiations. In essence, I act as your project manager so together we can serve our seniors at the highest level.

Serving Boomers, Zoomers and Savvy Seniors with all their Real Estate Needs.        Dayna Wilson – SRES

Why is it Important to Hire a SRES Real Estate Professional?

Why is it Important to Hire a SRES Real Estate Professional?

Downsizing Made Easy – A Guide for you and your Loved Ones

During the holidays I hope you pay extra-close attention to the elders in your family. I find that adult children who haven’t seen their parents for awhile often notice a change. Perhaps this is a good time to take the opportunity to speak about designing a plan for the changes and challenges life may bring in the years to come.

Dayna Wilson helps Boomers, Empty Nesters and Seniors Simplify their lives and downsize their homes

Dayna Wilson helps Boomers, Empty Nesters and Seniors Simplify their lives and downsize their homes

This helpful 40 page guide has many tools and tips to make everything more stream-lined and hassle free, such as:
Holding a family meeting
Creating a plan to downsize
Questions to ask when touring senior communities
Things to consider when hiring professionals

I’d be honored to be your advocate and consultant with this type of transition and transaction.
Dayna Wilson- Senior Real Estate Specialsit

Making Downsizing Easy!

Senior Real Estate Specialist speaking in Lamorinda Ca Saturday Oct. 26th

A day of workshops to empower families or boomers planning for the future with solutions, ideas and knowledge on the challenges of aging. Presented by professionals focused on positive aging.

A Day of workshops for Baby Boomers

A Day of workshops for Baby Boomers

Local providers of support to elders and their families are sponsoring this event and will be available to answer your questions prior to the morning sessions and during our breaks.

It takes a village to provide good care and we live in a supportive community.

Caregiving/Aging Statistics

Caregiving increases with age: 78% of all caregiving is provided by the family (mostly spouse or adult child). The average age of a caregiver who is caring for someone over 50 is 63. The average length of caregiving is 10 years.

Why Attend? In order to…

Learn about financial tools and government programs that can help pay for long-term care.
Get guidance on senior residential options and how much they cost.
Understand hospice – how it works and when it’s needed.
Become prepared to be a family caregiver with information that will save you time, stress and resources.
Learn what Alzheimer’s disease is and isn’t and what can be done.
Gain tools to help with challenging behaviors, resistance and family discord.
Find answers to the emotional dilemmas that family caregiving presents.

1:55 Break Out Sessions (45 Minutes)
“Downsizing Made Easy – 5 Steps to a Successful Move” Dayna Wilson, Senior Real Estate Specialist, SRES, Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) Keller Williams Realty BRE# 01781285

Another Successful Downsizing by Clayton Realtor-SOLD!


Hire the Right Realtor to do the project management

Hire the Right Realtor to do the project management

I was introduced to Lucy by way of her granddaughter-in-law, also a Realtor. Her friend had worked with me to purchase a home here in Contra Costa County and suggested I would be the one to call in regards to helping 84 year old Lucy downsize. I was warned that Lucy might be a bit stubborn and difficult; on the contrary! She was delightful and simply emotional about leaving her home. Lucy was lucky, as she had the support of her extensive family.

Lucy moved out of the area to live with her daughter. Meanwhile,  I was able to go to work with staging the home, marketing it on 350+ world wide real estate websites and host Caravan Tour, Brokers Tour and a number of Open Houses. Real Estate Agents and Brokers were free to come by and preview the property and also bring their buyers without disturbing the home owner. Inspections occurred, appraisal was done, repairs completed as I acted as their local Project Manager.

Lucy’s grandchildren and great-grandchildren are blessed to have her close by and part of their lives! And, the new homeowners have a beautiful home to now raise their young family in! I love this job!! Call your trusted Senior Real Estate Specialist (SRES) to learn which options are the best for YOU!