Freedom Friday: Can Your Vacation Make You Happier?

Baby Boomer Couple in CityIn the Next Avenue article, Can Your Vacation Make You Happier?, author Lisa Fields offers advice on how to get the most out of your trip before, during and after it:

Before You Go. The moment that you purchase airline tickets, reserve a hotel room or book a guided tour, you’re in vacation mode, even if your trip is months away. The more time you spend eagerly anticipating your future getaway, the happier you can become.

‘People get more happiness and enjoyment from planning and anticipating a vacation than from remembering and reliving a vacation,’ said Leaf Van Boven, professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. ‘The trick is to make it fun, not like work.’

While You Are There.​ When you’re on vacation, appreciate the scenery, the company, the change of pace from the ordinary. Enjoy yourself in the moment, even if your actual experiences are different than you imagined they would be.

‘Truly enjoyable vacations aren’t ruined by failing to meet expectations,’ Van Boven said. ‘Any life event could be undermined by great expectations. We really need to enjoy experiences for what they are, not for what they are not.’

Once You Return Home. After you’ve done the laundry and restocked the fridge, don’t revert to life as usual: Spend time poring over your vacation photos and thinking about the fun you had.

According to happiness researcher Jaime Kurtz,  you should, ‘Go back through photos and start the process of reflecting. Think about what you liked about yourself and your family dynamic while traveling. If you felt happier or more energized and if your family got along better than usual, ask yourself why. Can any of the potential causes of your happiness be incorporated into daily life?'”

Read the rest at Can Your Vacation Make You Happier?.


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