Transition Thursday – Tips for Prepping Your Home for Sale

A house in the suburbsWith the high inventory of homes on the market today, home buyers can afford to be choosy. Buyers are looking for the best, so a home for sale can easily slip through the cracks if it’s not in pristine condition. Use these 10 tips to whip your home into shape and wow potential buyers. >>


DAYNA WILSON: As a Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP) , I have special knowledge about everything from reverse mortgages to the importance of universal design. I can tap into my network and put you in touch with my team of qualified home inspectors, movers, attorneys, CPAs, organizers and other experts. I have all the resources and knowledge to simplify the transaction and eliminate the anxiety of selling your home.

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SEMINAR May 2: Selling Your Home in Today’s Market

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Get the facts about what is involved in selling a home in today’s market and the Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid! Whether you are planning to sell this month or not for a few years, do your homework now and be prepared!

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August is HOT-Sizzling weather and housing market

August is HOT-Sizzling weather and housing market make it my favorite month of the year! When not focused on real estate, for me summer-time equals fun-time! Want ideas? Canoe the Russian River, take a hot-air balloon ride in Napa, wine taste in Livermore, hike Mount Diablo, raft the American River, walk around Angel Island, shop at a Farmer’s Market, fish Lafayette Reservoir, see a movie under the stars at Heather Farms.  One of my favorite things to do is attend outdoor concerts. I plan to check out the Thursday evening performances at the renovated Broadway Plaza.
Hot Air balloon ride equals summer fun

In August take a hot air balloon ride over the Napa Valley

In the meantime, here the most recent housing statistical recap, by city:
Single-Family Townhouse-Condo
Activity Active Pending Closed YTD Closed Active Pending Closed YTD Closed
Alamo 4800 31 24 28 107 1 1 3
Blackhawk 4600 15 11 14 65 1 6
Clayton 5900 17 14 13 54 2 1 3 11
Concord 5701 126 110 120 520 44 27 30 160
Clyde 5702 1 0 0
Danville 4500 100 66 80 289 23 18 10 80
Diablo 4700 2 4 8 1
Lafayette 5100 30 23 36 132 5 1 1 6
Martinez 5601 69 56 42 195 13 16 18 65
Pacheco 5602 1 8 1 2 1 4
Moraga/Canyon 5200 8 7 17 62 4 8 6 37
Orinda 5300 42 31 29 99 1 1 0
Pleasant Hill 5400 39 33 30 139 16 12 8 53
Rossmoor 5000 1 1 48 38 45 255
San Ramon 4400 106 73 86 333 46 34 29 142
Walnut Creek 4900 64 55 64 269 43 48 44 219

Hot Housing Market in August

Please contact me for specific information about your unique neighborhood or for valuation of your home’s current value.
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Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News

Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News!

 Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News

Dayna Wilson Recent Real Estate Market News

3057 Kittery Avenue, San Ramon – SOLD! Received 14 offers, Sale $/Original $ 102%.

3383 Moraga Blvd., Lafayette – SOLD! 9 Offers. Closed at 114%% of asking $.

502 Daisy Place, Pleasant Hill – SOLD! Buyers purchased at list $

424 Peppertree Road, Walnut Creek – Pending. Multiple Offers. Will close well over asking.

With all the many offers we have received on our most recent listings, we have many buyers ready, able and willing to buy in the Contra Costa County area. Even thought homes are selling on average at 104% of list in Lafayette, 103% in Walnut Creek, teh story is almost the same in most neighborhoods. Please contact us should you learn of a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member needing to sell their home in the shortest amount of time, for the most amount of money with the least stress. We will make it easy and maybe even fun.

Rock Oak Road, Walnut Creek 4/5 bedroom, 2.5 Bathroom 2 level. Coming Soon this summer!

Tice Creek Drive, Walnut Creek 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom Golden Gate Model in Rossmoor 55+ community. Coming this fall after extensive remodel!

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Dayna Wilson Quoted in May 2016 California Real Estate Magazine

Generation Showdown: Dayna Wilson Quoted in May 2016 California Real Estate Magazine

Dayna Quoted in May 2016 California Real Estate Magazine

Dayna Quoted in
May 2016 California Real Estate Magazine

I’m getting known as the “Downsizing Diva” here in the Diablo Valley area of the S.F. East Bay. And, I suppose for good reason. The majority of my business in the last five years has come from working with Boomers and their aging loved ones. At first, I was worried that millennial home buyers would shy away from wanting me to represent them in their efforts. However, the opposite has occurred and I’m now working with more millennials than ever before. You see, both sets of clients need extra TLC. They need to feel comfortable and confident that they are doing the right thing regarding their home, both in the short and long term. They want expert, honest advice. And, someone they can trust.

I attract Baby Boomers by word of mouth, past clients and hosting seminars. We have frank discussions about downsizing the long-held family home that may have become a financial, physical or emotional burden. My objective is to free the boomer from the stress and time that caring for a large home entails and give them back that time and energy to focus on things that bring them joy.

Millennials’ top competition for housing might come from their parents. I was asked to comment on my views of working with downsizing Baby Boomers and the First-Time Millennial buyers and how they are different from one another in how they communicate, their financing and housing preferences. I am cued in to what economists say is a critical component to the California housing market. I’ve learned more about generational styles by seeking additional training in serving the over 50 population.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer, Boomer or Senior ask Dayna Wilson Real Estate Team how we can help make your dreams a reality!


JUMP into the Real Estate Market

June is the month for graduations, Father’s Day and the first days of summer and also a great time to jump into the real estate market! mp into real estate. Jump into Real Estate

June is the busiest home-selling and home-buying month in our area. With the warmer weather, more daylight, and the impetus to get into a new house before the next school begins, buyers are more likely to shop during this time of year. Summer is also the most convenient time for the majority of people to move. Sellers’ who are looking to stay in the area have a greater chance of finding their next home with the most inventory listed now.

There are pros and cons to the busiest selling month.

With more houses on the market, buyers can afford a bigger wish list. If your home needs repairs, buyer might simply pass it by for the one down the street. Add in the fact most buyers aren’t shopping under pressure and you have a pool of selective shoppers.

Bidding wars are a headache for buyers but a big plus for sellers. Multiple offers mean more money in a seller’s pocket. It also usually means buyers are less likely to make repair requests or other demands. Lastly, interest rates remain extremely low which continues to keep the buyers out in force and actively house-hunting.

Boomers Inheriting Mom’s Home – Rent vs Sell?

Baby Boomers call when Mom and Dad has to move out of the long-held family home. The adult children are challenged with the decision of whether to sell or rent out the house. There are many things to consider and I suggest beginning with asking yourself the following questions… sell home photo

  • What condition is the home and property in?
  • Does it need repairs or improvements before leasing? Before selling?
  • Do you want to be a landlord? Willing to pay taxes, insurance, repairs, gardener, utilities, etc. out of mo rent payment? What cash on cash return do you need?
  • Do you want to hire property management co to handle maintenance./ tenant complaints, vetting new tenants? (Typically charge approx. 10% of payment)
  • Do you need a monthly income stream?
  • Are you ready to pay 2 mortgages when there is a vacancy?
  • Do you need a lump sum that can pay for mom’s care and be investing in something that will bring a greater return to the trust?

I give market data and home value, discuss trends around the Greater Walnut Creek and Lamorinda areas, as well as and absorption rates. This year could be the perfect storm as far as selling at the peak. You can sell as-is and not do anything to the property or we can discuss what it would take to get top dollar. Your realtor is not licensed to offer tax nor legal advice, and I recommend seeking the guidance from a trusted attorney and/or CPA to understand all the legal and tax ramifications, as each situation is unique. Let me know how I can help?

Your Seniors Real Estate Specialist & Downsizing Diva!

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10 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Home Selling

10 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Home Selling.  Mom was right. She taught me honesty is the best policy which is why I must tell it like it is, if you want to have any chance of success in selling your home. This article won’t be for the faint of heart as we’re being brutally honest. Ready? If you get a bit uncomfortable then you know I’m stating the truth. You DO want an honest Realtor on your side, don’t you?

What are the 10 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Home Selling? 

10 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Home Selling

10 Cold, Hard Facts about Real Estate Home Selling

  1. Understand your local Real Estate Market –  What’s happening today, this week? What happened last month? If you don’t know, make sure your Realtor does. For instance, in a neighborhood I sell a number of homes in each year, The Woodlands in Walnut Creek, I sold a home ‘off market’ and another ‘pocket listing’ just closed escrow.  These home sales will impact what other homes will sell for as they are comparable sales. If your Realtor doesn’t know, find another Realtor. Real Estate will always be local and to be able to sell your home, it’s critical to know what the local trends are for your neighborhood.
  2. An uncluttered home sells – A messy, over-packed home knocks thousands of dollars off your bottom-line, net proceeds.  Yup, a big chunk of money can be lost for not putting in a little elbow grease.  Perhaps one of the greatest payoffs to home selling will be the time you spend cleaning and de-cluttering your home. While you are at it, take off all the family photos and personal items from your walls, shelves and refrigerator. Don’t forget the windows; they are the ‘eyes’ of the home and will let more natural light in if clean!
  3. Homes priced right sell – Price your home to sell. From the very first day that you list your home for sale, you will attract the most qualified and most interested Buyers. The first two weeks of a new home listing gets the most attention from buyers and agents. Your new listing draws the attention of Buyers waiting for a new home to hit the market when they have seen all the others that fit their criteria. Buyers who just started looking will see your home priced right, and will be rushing your way to get a closer look.  A listing that sits longer than the average days on market becomes stale and people begin to wonder why it hasn’t sold. They’ll either assume something is wrong with the home or that it’s priced too high. If Buyers think that something is wrong, they’ll want to make low-ball offers. If it’s priced too high for the area, you may not even get buyers wanting to preview it at all and you will have the dreadful disease called, “no showings!’
  4. You will be inconvenienced – Your home becomes a house for sale and it’s a paradigm shift that needs to be embraced. Your attitude plays a large part as to your level of stress during the process. Getting your home ready to sell, packing, keeping it clean all takes time and effort. You will have calls from prospective Buyers, and you will want to vacate the home while they are there.  When you’re able to anticipate this, it can make the process a lot less painful. This is part of the process and will pass…keep you end goal in mind which is to sell your home.
  5. Repairs left undone could cost more than the repair itself – Deferred maintenance can be a lot less expensive if you address it BEFORE you sell your home. You can’t hide the issues as buyers will discover them during their inspection period. I typically see Buyers either want a credit or want the repair done. When they see a simple repair that could have been fixed by a handyman/contractor they wonder what else is in need of repair. and if the home was properly maintained.  First time Buyers especially want to see a home with a clean bill of health and feel confidant they are making a sound financial decision. Having a clear ‘Section 1″ pest report is highly recommended to give Buyers peace of mind.
  6. Buyers love to negotiate the home sales price after the home inspection – After all inspections there will always be a hundred of little things and hopefully, you aren’t blindsided with an unknown major needed repair. Typically, buyers in Walnut Creek order a pest, home and roof inspection. Chimney and sewer lateral inspections are becoming very popular, as well. Sellers should know about major repairs ahead of time and disclose to Buyers prior to the presentation of offers. This way you know the offer reflects the defect.  As discussed above, fix your repairs so as not to give a Buyer a reason to want a discount, or worse yet, to back out of the contract.  The inspection period will require a skilled negotiator. Make sure the Realtor you hired, is an effective negotiator as they’ll be worth their weight in gold here.
  7. Buyers love to grill Sellers present at home showings – When a Buyer has schedule a visit to view your home, it’s important for you to leave for many reasons.  First, you want the Buyers to be able to walk around your home and feel comfortable without you following them around, as you want them to envision themselves living in your home. They need to be able to speak freely with their Realtor about their thoughts and feelings. More importantly, you don’t want them or their agents to try and wiggle out the details from you regarding why you’re moving that could give them a reason to offer you less money for your home.  If they learn you “need” to move and feel you are very motivate for a quick close they may offer less.
  8. Smelly homes sell for less money – Nothing is worse than a smelly home from pets, smoking or even cooking.  A thorough cleaning of your home, along with the fabrics, walls and carpets will go along way in removing pet, smoking and food odors.  If you have carpeting where pets had accidents, replacing carpeting would be must-do. You may need a restoration company to address some of these issues.
  9. Cash is not always King – When Buyers using financing compete with cash Buyers, they can make their offer look very appealing in a number of ways. First, their offer needs to written accurately without any errors and complete. Next, their Pre Approval letter must indicate their strong financial ability to secure the mortgage to buy the home. In addition, the Buyers can make sure that they’re going to follow specified time frames. Sadly, I have received all cash offers written poorly and worse yet, no proof of funds. Lastly, Buyer stories or what I call, “love letters” can pull on a Seller’s heart strings, especially if there are happy memories from living in the home. I have personally had home sellers who chose a lower priced offer, because they shared the cutest pictures and strongly expressed their love of the home!
  10. Overpricing your home helps to sell your neighbors’ – It’s true!  Picture this. Buyers are qualified to buy a certain priced home, so they’re looking at homes that they can afford. They will look for the homes with the most features, benefits, upgrades and square footage. Buyers might look at your home but will end up purchasing the larger home, in better condition for the same amount of money; it’s called value in the eyes of the buyer?
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Contra Costa Real Estate Update: Oct 2015

Contra Costa Real Estate Update: Oct 2015
Contra Costa Real Estate Update: Oct 2015

Contra Costa Real Estate Update: Oct 2015


Is fall the right time to sell?

Is fall the right time to sell? There may be fewer showings and buyers coming to your open houses, but the buyers this season tend to be more motivated. Think about it–while the rest of us are frantically shopping, preparing for family gatherings and trips to Grandma’s, buyers who are out in the damp and cold are, well, really motivated to find a home. Lower inventory = less competition for the fall seller.  

Is fall the right time to sell?

Is fall the right time to sell?

Thinking about selling, but not sure if this is the right time for you? Call me and let’s talk. This is an important decision and it can help to get the perspective of a seasoned professional.