1580 Geary Road, Walnut Creek, CA 94597
Thursday, November 12th | 12:30 p.m. – 1:30 p.m.

Enjoy a complimentary lunch while Seniors Real Estate Specialist Dayna Wilson shares tips on downsizing to a more manageable home and answers the top 10 most often asked questions concerning planning for and making a later in life move.

Please RSVP (925) 943-1121

Downzing Class-5 Steps to a Successful Move

Downsizing Class-5 Steps to a Successful Move
East Bay Realtor Dayna Wilson Teaches Class for Mt. Diablo Adult Ed

Downsizing Class this Thursday in Pleasant Hill, ca

Downsizing Class this Thursday in Pleasant Hill, ca

Whether you’re contemplating a move or surrounded by a sea of boxes, you understand how overwhelming a move can be. Dayna Wilson, a Seniors Real Estate Specialist®, works with boomers and seniors on the move to help them transition to a more manageable residence. She will be teaching her popular class, Downsizing Made Easy–5 Steps to a Successful Move, at the Mt. Diablo Adult Education Center on Thursday, April 30, from 10:00am-11:30am. The goal of the class is to minimize the time, effort and stress of transitioning to your new life so you can enjoy it!
Walk with courage and move forward with confidence
Dayna’s message is to “walk with courage and move forward with confidence”. She helps her clients pack up their memories and their belongings and move from the large homes where they’ve raised their families into smaller ones where they can live more comfortable, simpler lives. To do this, Dayna provides a step-by-step downsizing plan that includes:

• Getting organized for your move
• Tips for hiring organizers, movers and other professionals
• Guidance for getting rid of decades worth of extra stuff
• Dialog on senior living options in the East Bay

“I love helping my senior citizen clients and their families downsize and find new homes that are more suited to their changing needs. In many cases, they are rattling around huge houses they can no longer care for and are becoming isolated, but it’s difficult to leave so many memories behind. I have a network of trusted preferred service providers who streamline this process for our seniors.”

40 page Workbooks available for purchase at class

40 page Workbooks available for purchase at class

To register: Mt. Diablo Adult Education, 925.937.1530,
*Note that there is a $15 materials fee for this class
About Dayna Wilson Real Estate
Dayna Wilson has been selling homes for Keller Williams Realty since 2009. In that time, she has become one of the top 10 agents in her Walnut Creek office. Her homes typically sell within 30 days at 100%+ of the asking price. One of the advantages she brings to all of her clients is her comprehensive community knowledge–Dayna grew up in the East Bay, raised her family and still lives, works and plays here. Dayna is a certified Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES®) and understands the financial and emotional challenges senior clients face when they sell a long-held family home. Certified specialists have special knowledge about everything from reverse mortgages and the importance of universal design to ensuring a client’s important legal documentation is in order.

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Danville, Ca Seniors on the Move

Happy Danville couple downsizes with sighs of relief

Happy Danville couple downsizes with sighs of relief

Another couple of savvy seniors from Danville, Ca are on the move! They just relocated to the new Senior Living Community, Merrill Gardens in Lafayette Ca. this week. We heard huge sighs of relief when they stepped into their new home and sat down in their favorite chairs, with their favorite pictures on the walls, and all their things put away. Big smiles on both their faces-So Great!! Now, while they decide what to eat for dinner I am off to prepare their home for sale. Honored they called upon Diablo’s Downsizing Diva to handle all the details.

What’s Holding Back the East Bay Housing Market?

Falling Home Ownership Rate & Tighter than Normal Inventory Levels…why?

Millennials waiting to marry and buy homes

Millennials waiting to marry and buy homes


High rents making it difficult to save for a down payment

25% of renters faced with the burden of student loans

Many delaying marriage and having children

Boomers & Betters-

Staying in homes longer, rather than selling and downsizing

Afraid to sell and not have another home to move into; avoiding moving twice

Waiting for prices to continue to rise; want to net the maximum for retirement

When will we see a change?

Ca median home prices are expected to increase 5% in 2015 vs. almost 12% in 2014. Housing prices and sales will see a modest upward trend. The Bay Area will continue to outperform other CA regions thanks to a more vigorous job market and tighter housing supply.

Interest rates should remain low, perhaps inching up slightly in 2015.

Inventory is easing a bit; however, in the East Bay most communities have only a 1 month supply of homes for sale, in contrast with a ‘normal;’ market with 6-7 mos. supply.

Ready to Sell or Buy? Let me show you how you can be successful at reaching your goals!

Dayna Wilson – 925-788-6582

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Tuesday Town Happenings: Walnut Creek Real Estate

So, earlier this week…a wonderful lady who has lived in Walnut Creek for 40 yrs just moved to the Pacific NW to live with her daughter. Her adult kids were referred to me as the local Seniors Real Estate Specialist here in Contra Costa County.

Walnut Creek Senior Downsizes to Pacific NW

Walnut Creek Senior Downsizes to Pacific NW

Her house had just gotten to be too much with over a 1/2 acre of property to keep up. I’m so proud of them for taking my advice… her ‘kids’ suggested Mom move before the house goes on the market for sale. My Senior Home Sellers always tell me their goals include selling for the Highest Price, with the Least amount of hassle along with getting Assistance with moving.

Dayna, Diablo Valley’s Downsizing Diva at your service!


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Contra Costa Seniors Attend Seminar on East Bay Housing

 Contra Costa Seniors Attend Seminar on East Bay Housing and Retirement Strategies at Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church 

East Bay Boomers and Seniors Learn How to Unlock the Equity in Their Home and Plan for Aging

Lafayette, CA,  A seminar led by Contra Costa Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Dayna Wilson, on April 27th, helped local seniors facing the challenges of financing retirement understand the Bay Area real estate market and how to unlock the equity in their home.  Wilson, a real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty/Day Real Estate (, a fellow real estate agent and a Home Equity Retirement Specialist, showed seniors how they can plan for retirement by leveraging the local housing market.  Attendees learned how to reduce expenses, plan for changing locations and create additional income to finance health care and assisted living. 

Seminar topics covered how to afford to stay in your home or relocate closer to family members, and how to access cash to fulfill retirement dreams.  Seniors and their families learned how to accomplish life transitions with the most ease and how to plan for senior living.  The class also covered topics like accessing equity from a home while aging in place, what to consider before renting vs. making a move, the costs and complexities of selling, risk management and ways to minimize the stress of moving. 

“As a person that has lived in the same house for more than 45 years…”Wilson” gave me a lot of information that will prove essential if and when my wife and I decide to change our residence at some point.”  Don – Lafayette, Ca.

Dayna Wilson developed the seminar hosted by Lafayette Orinda Presbyterian Church to help seniors understand the complexities of aging and how important a safe and supportive home environment is to successful aging.  Wilson specializes in working with Boomers, Zoomers and Savvy Seniors as they consider what they want their ‘golden years’ to look like. She has earned the Seniors Real Estate Specialist and Certified Senior Housing Specialist designations and is passionate about her work in this area.

“As a Contra Costa County Realtor who specializes in helping senior citizens and their families with their real estate needs, this part of my job is a great joy. Those 65+ and their families often don’t know which way to turn when making these important decisions,” says Wilson. “I’m grateful to Lafayette-Orinda Presbyterian Church for hosting this event for all of the seniors in our communities.”

Contact: Dayna Wilson
Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES), Certified Senior Housing Professional (CSHP)

Certified Senior Housing Professional

Clayton, Ca Latest Home Stats

CLAYTON, CA Home Stats for February:

Great time to Sell your home in Clayton, Ca

Great time to Sell your home in Clayton, Ca

Single-Family This yr. vs. last yr.
New Listings 15 11 -26.7%
Pending Sales 12 11 -8.3%
Closed Sales 10 8 -20%
Days on Market 42 29 -31%
Ave Sales $ $610,400 $653,313 +7%
% of Original List $ Rec’d 99% 99.89 0.5%
Inventory # 13 21 61.5%

What does all this mean? GREAT Time to SELL Your Home in Clayton!
Call Dayna, Diablo’s Downsizing Diva to get started…925-788-6582

Walnut Creek Senior Living Community – Exciting Enhancements

What have I been up to? Thanks for asking! Had a lovely visit with Edrienne Baebler, Community Sales Director at Atria Montego Heights, a Walnut Creek Senior Living Community last week. They are located blocks from John Muir Hospital, Shadelands medical offices, shopping, Heather Farms Park, Ruth Bancroft Gardens, shopping, services and close to DT Walnut Creek , BART and the highway. Senior Living Community

Did you know they will be embarking on an exciting remodel to enhance the beauty and functionality of their community? We are talking a state-of-the-art salon, outdoor viewing deck, spacious new lounge, gourmet meals in restaurant with bar, expanded movie movie theater, new learning, wellness, fitness centers, etc. And a memory care program. Too much for me to share…I highly recommend you go by for a visit asap. Why? You can enjoy the current pricing before the renovations begin and lock in lower rates.

Consult you local Seniors Real Estate Specialist before making a move. It will save your time, stress and money.

Dayna Wilson – SRES

Downsizing Made Easy – A Guide for you and your Loved Ones

During the holidays I hope you pay extra-close attention to the elders in your family. I find that adult children who haven’t seen their parents for awhile often notice a change. Perhaps this is a good time to take the opportunity to speak about designing a plan for the changes and challenges life may bring in the years to come.

Dayna Wilson helps Boomers, Empty Nesters and Seniors Simplify their lives and downsize their homes

Dayna Wilson helps Boomers, Empty Nesters and Seniors Simplify their lives and downsize their homes

This helpful 40 page guide has many tools and tips to make everything more stream-lined and hassle free, such as:
Holding a family meeting
Creating a plan to downsize
Questions to ask when touring senior communities
Things to consider when hiring professionals

I’d be honored to be your advocate and consultant with this type of transition and transaction.
Dayna Wilson- Senior Real Estate Specialsit

Making Downsizing Easy!

Net the most money when selling your home


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