Toss It Tuesday – How You Can Ship Donations Free

Donation Box Full of Household GoodsIn her article How you can ship donations free, author Jessica Michael offers advice on an easy way to donate your household items:

“Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could ship donations free? If you are like me, you may have enough Amazon boxes to build a fortress. While this is hours of fun for my children, there’s also an opportunity for good in those boxes. Amazon has partnered with Give Back Box to accept your donations for Goodwill, and they will ship your package at no cost to you – that’s right, they’ll do it for free. Other partners include Overstock, Loft, REI, Levi’s Dockers, Asics and New Egg.

Donating gently used clothing and household items you no longer need is a great way to start a new tradition with your family, and to help others. In addition to getting boxes out of your house and helping others, donating used goods encourages your family to reduce waste and protect the environment – more than 10 million tons of clothing is sent to landfills every year. Compiling all of your donation and making time to get the items to the thrift store does not work for everyone; Give Back Box offers a convenient alternative.”

Interested in how you can ship donations free? Click here to get Jessica’s step-by-step instructions.


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