Freedom Friday: Baby Boomers Abandon ‘Burbs for Bustling City Life

Baby Boomer Couple in City

In her article, Baby Boomers Abandon ‘Burbs for Bustling City Life, author Lindsay Wester explains how Baby Boomers are trading retirement in suburbia for city-life:

“Baby Boomers, known for their two-car garages, white picket-fences, and glorious lawns are trading retirement in Suburbia for city-life. The New York Times reported that we should be prepared for the Baby Boomers “second act” as they are more willing than former generations to shift their lifestyles and accommodation choices to counter a poor economy, minimal retirement savings and the general lack of activities available in the ‘burbs. While many retirees are still heading to the warmer climes of Arizona and Florida, we’ve got the scoop on why some Boomers choose the city instead.”

Find out why the Boomers are heading to the city from the ‘burbs.


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